December 6, 2022

Free: China’s Former President Intentionally Removed From Seat Next to Successor Xi Jinping at Televised CCP Congress and Drawn Out of Room

Hu Jintao, appearing disoriented from the move, was dragged out from the room shortly after foreign media came in.

This is the moment  China ‘ s former president Hu Jintao is forcibly taken off his seat next to their successor  Xi Jinping   at the televised Communist Party Congress plus dragged out of the room.  

Hu Jintao, 79, was taken off stage shortly after foreign media arrived to the Great Hall from the People.

The 79-year-old appeared slightly disorientated as two assistants found speak to him and hesitant to move in part of the clip.

The two assistants helped him stand, firstly trying to grab him under his arms.

Hu seemed downcast as he was dragged away, inclined down to speak to president Xi Jinping, 69, who nodded as one of the officials pulled their arm.

He or she also patted Premier Li Keqiang, seated to the right of Xi, on the make.

The official appeared to be anxious to get him out from the room as he was after that escorted out.

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