December 9, 2022

Joe Biden Recruits Transgender ‘Barbie Pocket’ Man for Midterm Support

Biden to meet with trans activist at Whitened House in hopes of ginning up support from the major left with just several weeks to go until the midterms.

Joe Biden has reportedly tapped a transgender advocate named Dylan Mulvaney to help Democrats make it through the 2022 midterm elections.

“ I’m going to the White Home to speak to the President states of America, ” Mulvaney said in a video uploaded to Twitter on Friday.

“ We get to sit down with May well Biden and NowThis News and I get to ask him a few questions about trans problems, ” Mulvaney said, incorporating he will talk to Biden regarding “ my transness. ”

“ Now i am ready to step up and show that trans people, we’re not going anywhere and that trans kids, they deserve the fighting chance to be their own true selves, ” Mulvaney added.

Mulvaney said Biden’s meeting with your pet and other activists will be launched Sunday.

Mulvaney frequently posts videos representing himself as a woman, detailing in one clip that he is been carrying around parts and tampons for months, plus referring to female genitalia as the “ barbie pouch. ”

With this clip explaining how this individual gets stares from individuals while wearing female clothing, Mulvaney says he wants to “ normalize women having bulges … because we’re coming up on bikini season. ”

Recruiting this trans advocate for help is surely the Democrats’ best solution to their troubling election numbers just weeks far from the midterm elections, instead of, say, resuming energy manufacturing or reversing course on radical bail reform.

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