December 2, 2022

SPLITTING: Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump

Subpoena comes hours after Steve Bannon was sentenced to prison for defying the same committee.

Former Chief executive Donald Trump has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 Select Committee.

“ Pursuant to a unanimous vote, the Select Committee issued a subpoena to former President Donald Trump for testimony and records relevant to the Select Committee’s investigation into the January sixth attack on the United States Capitol and its causes, ” said a statement from the committee Friday afternoon. “ Inside a letter to Mr. Trump, Chair Bennie G. Thompson and Vice Chair Representative. Liz Cheney underscored Trump’s central role in a planned, orchestrated effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and block the transfer of presidential strength. ”

The committee’s letter to Trump can be study below.

ZeroHedge further breaks down what the committee is seeking:

The Friday subpoena seeks  records of phone calls, texts, Signal exchanges or other communications surrounding January 6th , between December. 18, 2020 and January. 6, 2021. They are also researching “ handwritten notes; fund-raising appeals based on claims of widespread voter fraud; documents related to the Oath Owners, Proud Boys or other militia groups; information about the planning of the rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol, the gathering of pro-Trump electors from states earned by President Biden, as well as the pressure campaign against Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election, ” according to the report.

The section is looking specifically in to communications with 13 Trump allies   who have ‘ played key functions in an effort to overturn the election’; Roger Stone Jr., Stephen K. Bannon, Michael Capital t. Flynn, Jeffrey Clark, Steve Eastman, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Boris Epshteyn, Christina Bobb, Cleta Mitchell and Patrick Byrne.

The subpoena came just several hours after Steve Bannon was sentenced to prison for four months for disregarding the subpoena that came from exactly the same committee.

Bannon recently delivered a quick declaration on the situation just away from court where he received their sentence:

Early Friday, while Bannon has been entering the courthouse, he slammed the “ illegitimate regime” behind his politics persecution and reminded voters how important the midterms are usually.  

“ I want to thank whatever you guys for coming, ” said Bannon. “ Keep in mind this illegitimate regime, their own judgment day is on eight November when the Biden administration ends. I want to thanks a lot all for coming. ”

“ Please remember,   take down the CCP. Thank you. ”

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