November 26, 2022

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, Hollywood’s Ari Emanuel Demand Adidas Cancel Kanye, Spotify Pull His Music

As a result of his political views, Ye has been canceled by Balenciaga, suspended from Instagram and Twitter, had his bank account with JP Morgan Run after closed, had at least four SoFi stadium shows terminated, has his “White Lifestyles Matter” shirt canceled, together his interview with Consume Champs deleted off Youtube . com.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and Hollywood bigwig Ari Emanuel are demanding that will Ye be canceled simply by Adidas, GAP, Apple plus Spotify  for their “ anti-Semitic” views.

Greenblatt on Thursday night demanded Adidas cancel Ye and accused them of being Nazis:

“ In light of Kanye West’s increasingly strident antisemitic comments over the past few weeks, we were disrupted to learn that Adidas programs to continue to release new products from his Yeezy brand without any seeming acknowledgement of the dispute surrounding his most recent remarks, ” Greenblatt wrote in the letter to Adidas. “ We urge Adidas in order to reconsider supporting the Ye product line and to issue a statement making clear the Adidas company and local community has no tolerance whatsoever regarding antisemitism. ”

Greenblatt also demanded DISTANCE cancel Ye immediately:

Ari Emanuel also called for all associated with Ye’s concerts to be terminated.

“ Apple and Spotify, which usually host West’s music, whoever organises West’s tours, and Adidas, which collaborates with West on his fashion series, should all stop working with him, ”   Emanuel wrote Wednesday in a piece in the Financial Times. “ The parent company associated with Parler, the Twitter rival, should refuse to sell to West. ”

Emanuel  continued :

In 2006, Mel Gibson made an anti-Semitic rant after being pulled over to get driving while drunk within Malibu, California. I immediately called on the entertainment industry  to refuse to continue dealing with Gibson.

Yes, several years later on, I recommended him just for roles. But that was just after Gibson’s  public apology  and his commitment to learning the consequences of his activities.

He put in the work. “ There is absolutely no excuse, nor should generally there be any tolerance, for anybody who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark, ” Gibson  said.

I agree. It was real then and it’s true right now. We are all capable of learning plus evolving, and  in case West would like to be educated   about the history and consequences of anti-Semitism and the conspiracy theories he is parroting, if he would like to reach out to religious leaders — including rabbis, Muslim commanders, Christian leaders —   I’d be pleased to help.

But until that happens, the leaders he’s doing business with need to speak up. The clients LeBron James and Maverick Carter just cancelled  an episode of James’s YouTube talk show The particular Shop: Uninterrupted  after West continued to repeat dangerous  stereotype during filming.   “ Hate speech should never have an audience, ” said Carter.

Those who continue to do business with Western are giving his misdirected hate an audience. There ought to be no tolerance anywhere regarding West’s anti-Semitism.   [Emphasis added]

The fashion company Balenciaga announced on Friday they were cutting ties with Ye over their “ anti-Semitic” views.

Because of his political views, Ye has now been:

– Canceled by Balenciaga
– Suspended through Instagram and Twitter
– Had his bank account with JP Morgan Pursue closed
– Acquired at least four SoFi arena shows canceled
– Has his “ White-colored Lives Matter” shirt canceled
– Had his  interview with Consume Champs deleted off Youtube . com

Ye is also being threatened with  a potential $250 mil lawsuit .

Ye  said within an interview on Tuesday   that the fact the particular “ Jewish media” is certainly attacking him so hard will be proof everything he mentioned was right.

“ I said that the Jewish media controls so many things, ” Ye said. “ It’s not all the Jewish individuals but there’s specifically Jewish people in media that are in power that bought the black voice — but they haven’t been able to purchase my voice, so instead they blackball me, they will threaten people to not interview me, they threaten people to get away from me, they close down my stadiums … they’ve done all this things for years. ”

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