December 10, 2022

Justin Trudeau Uses “Administrative Action” To Ban All Hand gun Sales In Canada

Using mass shooting events in the US as an excuse, EVENING Justin Trudeau has been tinkering with the idea of banning or “ freezing” firearms in North america since this summer and now it appears that he is ready to take unilateral measures.   Trudeau is definitely placing a  nationwide freeze  on the sale, purchase and transfer of handguns, efficient immediately […]#@@#@!!

Using mass shooting events in the US as an excuse, PM Justin Trudeau has been tinkering with the idea of banning or “ freezing” firearms in Canada since this summer and now it appears that he is ready to take unilateral measures.   Trudeau will be placing a  nationwide freeze   within the sale, purchase and transfer of handguns, effective instantly and sidestepping legislators and political opponents in parliament.  

The measure is considered a good “ administrative action, ” much like executive orders utilized by presidents in the US as a means in order to circumvent the constitution plus checks and balances within government.   Such direct restrictions are often subject to intensive legal obstacles and, a minimum of in the US, can be ignored simply by states and the public at large (as we witnessed using the covod mandates over the past 2 years).      

“ When folks are being killed, when people are now being hurt, responsible leadership demands us to act, ” Trudeau said at a news conference on Friday, announcing the brand new measure. “ Recently once again, we have seen too many types of horrific tragedies involving guns. ”  

Again, the particular trigger for Trudeau’s battle on firearms rights in Canada started with bulk shootings in the US, not North america.   Though, it might not be far fetched to point out how the Prime Minister and regular attendee of the World Economic Forum took a sudden strong interest in gun control shortly after the enormous Trucker Convoy protests against Canada’s animal attempts at vaccine passport laws.

The trucker protests inspired common dissent in Canada as well as the refusal of freight workers to comply could have paralyzed the country’s supply string.   This led to a trigger campaign by the government and the mainstream media, seeking to portray the anti-passport movement  as “ terrorists”   simply for not seeking what they felt was a believe mRNA cocktail injected into their bodies.   As pharma giant Pfizer recently  admitted under oath , they never tested the particular vaccine to see if it helps prevent transmission.

The realization that non-compliance was far more prevalent than the organization assumed resulted in numerous bizarre narratives and legislative activities in the US and Canada so that they can suffocate rebellion.   Gun control has been consistently broached as a primary goal of the same people that were eager to enforce mandates and passport requirements but unsuccessful.   It is unlikely that this is pure coincidence.          

Canada is one of the few countries in the world with gun access on a broad scale similar to the US, although permits are still required, producing firearms more of a privilege than a right.   Trudeau is hellbent on whittling away Canadian gun possession, and seems to be following a design similar to the UK. The UK banned the majority of guns starting with handguns and then incrementally restricting the rest.  

Propagandists in the UK and the EU will claim that gun ownership is definitely “ legal” when calling for further limitations in the US.   This is a bit of a con in line with the fact that permits can be had, but are rarely given by the federal government.   In most countries in Europe the ownership of a firearm is relegated towards the upper middle class as well as the rich – People who are able to afford the permit process, lessons and high fees included.   These people usually have a spotless record, own residence and must be able to provide a “ reason” for buying a gun that government bureaucrats will accept.

A substantial portion of firearms in private hands in the UK are shotguns, perhaps the most useless weapon for rebellion given the limited range, which is why the majority of authoritarian regimes will still allow citizens to own all of them long after banning everything else.   Permit holders in the UK are only around  3% of the total population .  

At bottom part, gun control laws tend to follow a pattern which gives the general public a false sense which they still have firearms access when the majority of them actually do not and never will.   The rich get the guns as the middle class gets nothing, and this is by style.   The differences with the ALL OF US in terms of individual rights is certainly vast.   Canada might be going in the same direction since the UK and Europe when Canadians do not act accordingly.                  

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