December 2, 2022

Kiev Preparing ‘Nuclear Incident’ Provocation Against Russia, Sources State

Ukraine preparing to deploy ‘dirty bomb’ within its country to accuse Moscow of making use of weapons of mass devastation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly cautioned that there can be no winner in a nuclear war, and that it should never be let loose.

The Kiev regime is preparing a provocation related to the particular detonation of the so-called “ dirty bomb” in Ukraine, unnamed credible sources in various countries, including Ukraine, have said.

A “ dirty bomb”, also known as a “ radiological dispersal device, ” or RDD, combines a conventional explosive with radioactive material. Such a bomb typically uses dynamite or other explosives in order to scatter radioactive dust or smoke so as to cause radioactive contamination.

The sources argued that the purpose of the provocation is to accuse Moscow of making use of weapons of mass destruction amid  the ongoing Russian special military operation in Ukraine   and launch a global anti-Russian campaign aimed at undermining confidence in Moscow.

According to the insiders, the administration of the Eastern Mining and Processing Plant located in the city of Zholtye Vody within Ukraine’s Dnepropetrovsk region, and also the Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research, was tasked with making the “ dirty bomb”, a process that the resources said is being overseen by Kiev’s Western curators.

The insiders added that the organizers from the provocation hope that if effectively implemented, the “ nuclear incident” will prompt an exceptionally negative reaction from the worldwide community. As a result, Moscow will lose the support of many of its key partners, while the Western will again try to enhance the issue of depriving The ussr of the status of a long lasting member of the UN Protection Council and ramp up its anti-Russian rhetoric, according to the sources.

The particular claims come after the Russian Foreign Ministry underscored last week that Moscow does not threaten anyone with  nuclear weapons , and that it really is Western powers who make use of nuclear rhetoric, trying to allow it to be look like Russia is preparing to deliver strikes using weaponry of mass destruction.

This followed Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov previously this month urging the global community to take note of  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent call   for a preventive nuclear strike on Russia.

Peskov told Sputnik that Zelensky’s statements about “ preventive nuclear strikes” against Russia should not be disregarded by the international community, given that those remarks are only a call to start World War 3, which would entail catastrophic consequences.

The Kremlin spokesman underscored that the US and the UNITED KINGDOM, which “ de facto run Kiev, ” should bear responsibility for Zelensky’s statements.

Simply no Winners in Nuclear Battle

Russian President Vladimir Putin   has repeatedly said that there could be no winners in a nuclear war, noting that will Moscow consistently followed the particular letter and spirit of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation associated with Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

Scenarios under which Russia could theoretically use nuclear weapons are decide in the Russian Military Doctrine and in the Fundamentals of Condition Policy in the Field of Nuclear Prevention.

According to the paperwork, such a scenario is possible in the event of aggression against Russia or its allies with the use of weaponry of mass destruction, or even aggression with the use of conventional weapons, when the existence of the condition itself is threatened.

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