December 10, 2022

Surprise Video: Transgender Activist Strips Naked on Live TV Broadcast, Plays Piano together with his Penis

UK broadcast continued to air flow obscene antics rather than cut the feed to extra the children.

A transgender comedian appeared on UNITED KINGDOM television to play a music, only to strip naked and begin playing the piano with his penis.

Jordan Gray sang a good expletive-filled song on the BBC’s Friday Night Live regarding his “ transition” and experience as a trans female.

“ This is actually the coolest night of my life, you aren’t watching me experience the best night of my life, ” Gray said before taking to the keyboard.

“ I keep an eye out in the faces in this room, and wish that I can crawl back in the womb, ” he sang. “ And start again, against God’s programs, with different glands and smaller hands. I wish the world could finally understand: Now i am more than just a female Russell Brand name. ”

Once the song wrapped up, Gray said, “ You know the great thing about live TV? I could do stupid stuff like this! ”

Gray then jumped up onto a platform and ripped off his outfit, totally exposing himself, and started dancing around the stage naked.

Rather than cut the feed to spare the children which may have been watching, the BBC continued broadcasting.

Gray came back to the piano, banged the keys with his penis, after that left the stage.

Host Ben Elton quipped, “ Now that is exactly what I call a kn*b gag. ”

BBC’s Channel 4 has been celebrating its 40th-anniversary having a comeback special of eighties standup show “ Sunday Night Live, ” offering appearances from Julian Clary, Stephen Fry, Dawn People from france and Jennifer Saunders.  

Users upon social media had mostly adverse reactions.

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