December 5, 2022

Ron Paul: Political ‘Justice’ in the usa

Everyone should be afraid of political justice. It cuts both ways and there is no guarantee that Republicans if they capture Congress will not also follow this precedent.

Josef Stalin’s best henchman famously said, “ show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. ” What it meant was that Soviet justice was about politics, not really the rule of regulation. First decide who, pertaining to political reasons, is to be reprimanded, and then the state will provide the crimes for which he will be charged.

This dark era associated with politicized “ justice” provides returned with former Trump campaign advisor Steve Bannon’s recent sentence to 4 months in jail designed for “ contempt of Congress” over his refusal to show up before the House January sixth Committee.

How is it politicized justice for Bannon to be punished designed for ignoring a subpoena from the US Congress? Because numerous before him have been charged with contempt of Our elected representatives – including Democratic Party luminaries such as Eric Holder, Janet Reno, and Lois griffin Lerner – and had been never sentenced to jail time.

Bannon’s phrase is meant to convey a political message to America: in case you support Trump you are the criminal and you may find yourself in the cell next to Steve Bannon.

And you do not need to support Trump to understand the risk in this. Everyone should be scared of political justice. It cuts both ways and there is absolutely no guarantee that Republicans if they capture Congress will not also follow this precedent.

Sending your politics opponents to jail is exactly what happens in a banana republic. It is un-American. But here we are.

The aim of the January 6th Committee is not to seek justice for your “ crime” of trespassing and putting feet upon Pelosi’s sacred desk, yet to make sure that Donald Trump will be never allowed to run designed for President again. That is the reason hundreds have been unjustly arrested and held in terrible situations for non-crimes. As they say, if you need to make an omelet you need to break some eggs.

Speaking of contempt of Congress, the real contempt will be the existence of the January sixth Committee in the first place. It has been the partisan show trial from the beginning, where the only two “ Republican” Members were not selected by Republicans but by Nancy Pelosi. The purpose of the Committee has been to prop up the false narrative that somehow a few rowdy protesters who broke into the Capitol Building were the equivalent of the particular storming of the Bastille.

The US Administration can also be involved in narrative control consist of areas. The media documented last week that Tesla plus Space-X chief Elon Musk has come under a “ nationwide security review” over, it seems, his on-again-off-again purchase associated with Twitter and perhaps even their proposing a peace plan for Russia and Ukraine that will not include a nuclear strike on Moscow.

Musk has also come under open fire from the “ cancel culture” Left over his repeated promises to return Twitter to a totally free speech platform once he is in charge. As we have seen in so many cases, including with previous New York Times journalist Alex Berenson, Twitter has been operating closely with the Biden Administration to silence and prohibit any users who care to challenge the “ accepted wisdom” on Covid, Ukraine, and a number of other things.

When justice gets tangled in politics, independence and liberty go out the window. We are not so naï ve to think this is something that just arrived with the Biden Administration, but there seems little doubt it is spreading like a cancer. We must reject political justice if the Republic is to survive.

This article first appeared in RonPaulInstitute. org .

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