December 2, 2022

The reason why Do Western Celebrities Generally Support Collectivism?

Superstars in Western countries usually support socialism or some sort of collectivism

It’s not going to be away from anyone’s understanding not to observe the way numerous active celebrities favor collectivist ideology.

Most probably the answer to why intellectuals favor socialism or collectivism is responded clearly.

Unlike in the twentieth millennium, actors and athletes tend to be more popular than scholars.

Therefore , the newest concern should be why these types of famous personalities in the vast majority favor one or the other method of collectivism. It’s not that this case holds for everyone but only those who are more actively involved in these topics.

To make confusion clear, this informative article is not talking about someone leaning to the left or right yet simply to someone supporting any kind of form of collectivism that is on both sides of the political spectrum. Obviously, some stars may tend to speak on these types of matters and avoid them to their finest, and probably many of them might be individualist because all they are doing is, “ Mind their very own business. ”

The obsession with collectivism amongst these popular brands can be because of the theory’s visual feature, to gain followers and a marketing strategy to attract the particular masses. In the West, there are so-called “ liberals” and in Indian, it depends mainly on which side of political spectrum is within power. But no matter what they will show to support, their main aim is to portray on their own as wise and meaning in front of the public. This will remind a popular quote by Thomas Sowell: “ When you want to assist people, you tell them the facts. When you want to help yourself, a person tell them what they want to hear. ”

Celebrities are like intellectuals. Though there are a few distinctions, a celebrity attracts those who are within their teenage or who have the mental capability of that degree whereas Intellectuals attract people in power and students. Both are dangerous in their way as one attracts the masses while the other attracts energy and in all this democracy becomes a joke.

Second of all (my friend raised this question to me that we are trying to find the answer), it is important to understand why and how these people specifically from the Left get to the conclusion that whatever they are carrying out or supporting is ethical. In this dogmatic belief, they will become intolerant. This pertains to all collectivists, and they almost always present their thoughts forcefully.

This query might seem simple, but it is not, because even if everyone in their own belief considers themselves doing right and are not all intolerant, the individualists or maybe the scholars advocating it generally are not like those on the other side. This particular seems to be the nature of the collectivists. This psychology might be of celebrities too who have self-assurance or overconfidence on their values.

Thirdly, as mentioned how this can be a strategy to uplift the careers of people through publicity and more fan subsequent, to add more, any type of collectivism is master of making cronies fatter. The founded ones try their best in order to suppress the competitive atmosphere to keep their dominance lively with a kind of monopolistic strength. More government is better to them according to their benefit. It can also be a case that there is some politics strategy involved in a political organization too. Anyone supporting anticapitalistic and progovernment strategy with an anger and dislike toward rich are actually which makes them more powerful and richer.

Lastly, which appears to be in most cases is the ignorance. Lack of knowledge about the consequences of what they are supporting, about history, or about the crux of their ideology which has been judged from an understanding.

Celebrities’ understanding in these matters is just like that of every ordinary person and there is a possibility of being lesser too. It is not wrong to be involved in these matters or even in their words “ show concern for others” however it is immoral when those who don’t want to be part of this are also dragged and when they refuse to be part of the marketing campaign they are judged and falsely alleged.

Famous people nowadays are so-called influencers who tell people to reside and think like all of them. If someone is so capable of taking responsibility for society themselves then they can give this a try, but nobody gives them the right to take anyone for granted to believe all of them for no reason.

Someone can have information regarding happenings in his/her environment or country but getting active in matters of other countries and causing a disturbance is what gets intolerable. There  were popular personalities residing in the USA which not long ago supported farmers’ demonstration   in India  without knowing how much subsidies are given to those farmers who also live a luxurious life   off taxpayers. These folks failed to even acknowledge  what propaganda was involved in these protests   and how many public properties were damaged.

After so long something good was going to happen in gardening sector of the country but it was completely ruined as the government took back their decision seeing the polls approach. These celebrities played a major role in increasing the protests for their very own benefit.

Although it is quite clear that the majority trim more toward socialism/leftism, however it doesn’t rule out the fact that their leaning toward any other ideology say, nationalism would be much better. Maybe in the West nationalism actually at a much higher degree due to high number of “ liberals” and probably due to this they will not understand how dangerous nationalism could also get but it is quite visible in India at present which earlier had a socialist previous.

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