December 6, 2022

Where Most Aid To Ukraine Comes From

The United States has pledged more than 52 billion euros in military, financial and humanitarian help to Ukraine since the  war  began in Feb 2022 and October 3 or more.   As Statista’ s Anna Fleck details beneath,   data  from the Ukraine Support Tracker shows that the  U. S. has provided probably the most aid to the country, followed by EU institutions (16. two billion euros), […]#@@#@!!

The United States offers pledged more than 52 billion dollars euros in military, financial and humanitarian aid in order to Ukraine since the  war   began in February 2022 plus October 3.  

Because Statista’s Anna Fleck details below ,   data   through the Ukraine Support Tracker implies that the  U. Ersus. has provided by far the most aid to the country , followed by EUROPEAN UNION institutions (16. 2 billion euros), the UK (6. seven billion euros), Germany (3. 3 billion euros) and Canada (3 billion euros).

Infographic: Where Most Aid to Ukraine Comes From | Statista

You will find a lot more infographics at  Statista

According to the pioneers of the system at the Kiel Institute for that World Economy,   the  U. Ersus.   pledged the sum of close to 12 billion dollars euros in recent days, while EU countries and institutions committed just 1 . 4 billion euros.

Christoph Trebesch, head of the team compiling the Ukraine Support System states:

“ The  U. S. is now committing nearly twice as much since all EU countries and institutions combined.   This is a meager showing for that bigger European countries, especially since many of their pledges are emerging in Ukraine with long delays. The low volume of new commitments in the summer now appears to be continuing systematically. ”

In spite of these figures being relatively low to the U. H.,   when considering bilateral aid in terms of a percent of GDP, several European countries come out on top with Latvia (0. 9 percent), Estonia (0. 8 percent) plus Poland (0. 5 percent) as the most generous donors.

The U. S. then rates eighth, as it provides 0. 2 percent of its GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT.

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