December 9, 2022

Alex Jones – Russia Warns US & UK Regarding Ukraine’s “Dirty Bomb” False Flag Ploy

‘They are absolutely getting ready to stage a false flag, ‘ Jones said.

Alex Jones issued a caution to his Infowars audience Tuesday, telling the world of a potential Deep State false banner happening in the near future.

With the majority of mankind opposing the potential of a nuclear World War III happening, Jones said the stress is on to cut a peace deal.

However , he also recognized the global elite could use a false flag blamed upon Russia to drag additional nations into the war and set the stage for the Entire world Economic Forum’s Great Totally reset agenda to be fully applied.

“ We’ve got to stay aware and really push hard because when the globalist Deep Condition realizes the public is switching against them, which is at this point happening and actually getting off their own butts and getting politically, culturally engaged, then they are absolutely getting ready to stage a false flag, ” Jones explained.

Upon Tuesday , Ukrainian’s state-run nuclear energy operator recommended Russia may be preparing to detonate a “ dirty bomb” at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Energy Plant currently under Russian control.

Of course , Russia maintains it is Ukraine that is set to detonate a dirty bomb to be held responsible on them.

In addition , Russia asked the Oughout. N. Security Council to hold a meeting on Tuesday more discuss the dirt bomb rumors and once again requested the council to investigate the claims that the United States and Ukraine violated the EL biological weapons convention along with experimental laboratories in Ukraine.

Things are heating up and a global Oct surprise may be around the corner.

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