December 10, 2022

Dem AZ Gov. Candidate Katie Hobbs Warns She’ll “Take Legal Action” Against Region If They Permit Counting Votes By Hand

Despite Hobbs’ legal threat, Cochise County table holding special meeting Mon to discuss ordering hand count number.

Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who also serves as the particular state’s top election established, warned she’d pursue lawful action against a county if they approve the hand-counting of votes in the forthcoming midterm elections.

The Arizona Secretary of State, who’s operating against Republican nominee Kari Lake, put Cochise Region on notice Friday, declaring the process is “ illegal” and would “ danger the integrity” of the election.

“ Cochise County plans to vote to hand count every single race on every single ballot— w/ Election Day just eighteen days away & earlier voting already started. That may be illegal & risks the integrity & accuracy of the election. I’ve warned them: If they proceed, I’ll consider legal action, ” Hobbs declared on Twitter Fri.

A letter accompanying Hobbs’ tweet through her State Elections Movie director Kori Lorick said body fat need to doubt the precision and security of electronic voting machines, claimed it could take way too long in order to count the votes manually, and encouraged board people to “ abandon this particular misguided effort. ”

“ As you know, Az has rigorous standards in position to ensure that electronic voting systems used in our elections are secure and accurate, including federal and state qualifications requirements, pre- and post-election logic and accuracy screening, and post-election limited hand count audits, ” scans the letter to the Cochise County Board of Supervisors.

The letter went on to say hand counting is only permissible under Arizona law if “ it is impracticable to count… ballots with tabulating equipment, ” and claimed “ a complete hand count raises numerous concerns. ”

“ Notably, hand counting is necessarily time insensitive and prone to human error. Any election director in Arizona – the official accountable for overseeing tabulation of ballots – can attest that it’s impossible to complete an accurate hands count of an election with dozens of races on the ballot in time to comply with appropriate statutory deadlines… ”

“ If the Panel votes to proceed with a full hand count – putting at risk the precision and integrity of our elections – the Secretary will require all available legal activity to ensure that Cochise County conducts the 2022 General Selection in compliance with Arizona law. ”

Despite Hobbs’ legal threat, the three-member Cochise County board scheduled a special plank meeting Monday to discuss purchasing a hand count, along with Republican Board member Tom Crosby telling NBC affiliate 12 Information he’s used to this type of “ stonewalling. ”

“ I had been a union representative for the Border Patrol, ” Crosby told 12 News.   “ I’m pretty familiar with Bureaucracy… Threats are after stonewalling. ”

A meeting agenda item information ultimately a “ Machine count will determine selection outcome” in Cochise Region, but that the hand count number is a “ way to help people (including a few of the participants) that have lost trust in elections to find out that elections are dependable and secure in our region. ”

“ Two other results of this particular hand count will be merely a 100% audit of device accuracy and a test of our back-up plan in case several or all of our machines become compromised or fail finally minute, ” reads the agenda item presented simply by Republican board member Peggy Judd.

When everything’s on the up-and-up, why would Democrats be this outraged at a ceremonial hand count which won’t also be used to determine the election final result?

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