December 5, 2022

Informed Women REJECT Sex along with Vaccinated Men to Protect Them selves from Spike Protein Bioweapons

Many unvaccinated women are concerned it’s not really worth the risk to possibly ‘catch’ Covid jab spike healthy proteins from a ‘fully vaccinated’ companion.

( Organic News ) A growing number of unvaccinated single women are  avoiding single men who got “ vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) .

Concerned about the “ shedding” of jab spike aminoacids through physical contact, unvaccinated single women are, in some cases, calling it quits so far as the modern dating scene will go.

The issue mostly concerns  sex   with “ completely vaccinated” men, something that is no longer an option for many unvaccinated ladies who are trying to protect their bodies against Fauci Flu chance penetration both directly plus indirectly.

American Thinker   writer Laura J. Wellington is one such single girl who says it “ has become their new tradition, ” referring to herself as well as other non-jabbed single women, to prevent men who took the particular experimental gene therapy.

“ Qualifying solitary men by such a standard makes the pool in which to pick from additionally small, especially if you are living in a blue state, ” Wellington writes. “ On top of that, plenty of single males don’t shine to the idea that they aren’t being considered simply because they decided to get vaccinated. ”

The “ most disgruntled, aggressive men, ” she adds, seem to be those who “ succumbed to the vaccine by force” – meaning men who else did not necessarily want to get jabbed but were forced to in order to maintain employment, for instance. (Related: Remaining unvaccinated in today’s aggressive jab-pushing environment makes you a “ superhero” in modern society,   says French general . )

“ Feeling punished twice over for a vaccine they never wanted to start with, many of these men don’t deal with these women’s rejection properly, ” Wellington further creates.

“ Sense of guilt, annoyance, diminishment, and just basic rudeness are known to take place in relation to these women’s decision to stay committed to their particular position. ”

It’s not worth the risk to perhaps “ catch” covid jab spike proteins from a “ fully vaccinated” partner

To be fair, unvaccinated men face the very same thing with “ fully vaccinated” women, many of whom militantly support the jabs and appear down on men who  just said no   to experimental medicines from the government and Large Pharma.

It really is an act of self-preservation by both men and women who skipped the jab(s) to avoid various other men and women who opted to take the shots and who are now shedding spike healthy proteins and  who knows what else   upon others.

In lots of ways, it is better to just remain individual than to couple up with someone who allowed his or her immune system to be destroyed by mystery  pharmakeia   (aka  pharmaceutical sorcery ) – especially when that mystery  pharmakeia   can potentially transfer via sexual activity.

Unvaccinated parents everywhere are also at this point warning their children, and especially their own teenagers, to beware of possible boyfriends or girlfriends exactly who took the shots and are also now the  strolling dead .

Remaining a  pureblood   means staying away from others who no longer have pure blood, and instead have  tainted   blood, reprogrammed DNA, and potentially even an  entirely different image   than the a single God gave them when they were formed inside the tummy.

Keep in mind that the particular blood supply is polluted, too – which means forget about blood transfusions, at least not really from random donors. To be able to remain pure, purebloods will need to protect themselves against many possibilities of contamination from the completely jabbed.

“ Who would have ever thought that all ‘ vaccine status’ would become so central to cultivating new friendships and love relationships for a lot of our nation? ” Wellington further writes.

“ The divide is here to stay because the damage that caused it has already been accomplished. Nothing can put that genie back in its bottle. ”

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