December 10, 2022

Video: MSNBC Talking Head Analyzes GOP Candidates To HITLER, Republican Voters To NAZIS

“It certainly sounds really familiar to what happened in Germany”

In another deranged transmitted, an MSNBC talking mind compared GOP candidates in order to Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany and Americans who seem to vote Republican to Nazis.

Matthew J Dowd, currently a Democrat but previously the chief strategist for the re-election strategies of both President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, made an appearance on perpetual race baiter Joy Reid’s show Monday.

When Reid asserted that Donald Trump is already planning to “ challenge the election, ” and that the Republican agenda can be “ just fascism on view, ” Dowd declared “ I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis… but it certainly sounds very acquainted to what happened in Australia. ”

Dowd further proclaimed “ Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote, nobody said it might happen there, [citizens] went along as they said he would solve the economy and fix inflation… and then lo and see a few years later they dropped their democracy. ”

Dowd also suggested that GOP candidates are usually ‘ white nationalists’ looking to force voters to ‘ adopt their culture’.


This lunacy dovetails along with Hillary Clinton declaring that “ Right-Wing extremists” are planning to steal the 2024 selection and MSNBC calling intended for foreign election overseers within the U. S.

MSNBC continues to inject race into the midterm elections for purposes of maximum department. Last week Nyc Times   writer Charles Blow declared to the network that Republicans are fundamentally racist for challenging the “ fact” that “ white people  will   be replaced” as a majority in the U. S.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross also attacked minority Republican candidates Saturday early morning, claiming that when there are black and brown conservative candidates, they are “ not voices of color. ”

“ Despite the fact the particular GOP’s racist rhetoric have not slowed at all, they have begun hyping up, get this, their own ‘ diverse’ candidates, ” Cross proclaimed while carrying out air quotes.

Cross went on, “ encounters of color do not always equate to voices of color, ” adding that “ really, this sounds more like the political equivalent associated with ‘ some of my close friends are black. ‘”

As Tucker Carlson highlighted Monday, fomenting competition hatred is the ONLY thing MSNBC does now:

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