December 6, 2022

Court Sides With Christian Baker in Landmark LGBT Case

The state of California sued the cake artist designed for refusing to make a dessert for a lesbian wedding

A California court on Friday ruled in favor of a Christian baker who have refused to  prepare a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding. As the state argued that the baker had broken anti-discrimination laws and regulations, the court found that will she was within her First Amendment rights.

The case dates back to 2017, when Cathy Miller of Bakersfield, California, referred a lesbian couple to another baker when they required a cake for their wedding ceremony. Miller’s defense team  said   that while she would have  “ been happy to sell both women a pre-made cake, ”   individually decorating one would have amounted to an approval of gay and lesbian marriage, which is against the girl Christian beliefs.

Miller was targeted along with multiple lawsuits, including 1 by the California Department of Fair Housing and Employment, which argued that her refusal breached a 1959 civil rights law.  

However , Judge J. Eric Bradshaw from the Superior Court of California declared that Miller did not intend to discriminate, but was inspired by  “ her sincere Christian beliefs, ”   which are safeguarded by the US Constitution.

“ We all applaud the court with this decision, ”   defense attorney Charles LiMandri said.   “ The freedom to practice their religion is enshrined within the First Amendment, and the United states of america Supreme Court has long upheld the freedom of artistic expression. ”

The saphic girls couple who brought the case to the state’s attention told local media that they plan to appeal the verdict.

Bakeries have become an unlikely front on the social battlefield in the US in recent years. Colorado baker Jack Phillips received a partial victory in the Supreme Court in 2018, after a years-long legal battle stemming from his refusal to bake a dessert for a gay couple. As the court ruled that the Co Civil Rights Commission was guilty of anti-religious bias against Phillips, the baker had been then embroiled in one more lawsuit, this time over his refusal to bake a cake commemorating a gender transition.

Phillips was  fined   $500 after the court sided with the plaintiff, a transgender lawyer described simply by Phillips’ attorneys as a  “ radical activist. ”

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