December 5, 2022

Flashback: NATO Mulled Preemptive Hit On Russia Back In 2008

Alex Jones cautioned the world the globalists were trying to start a fight with The ussr over ten years ago!

During an Oct 30, 2008 transmission of “ The Alex Jones Show, ” Paul Paul Watson and Jones talked about NATO’s provocation of Russian federation.

Jones explained NATO makes “ snuck attack Russia” earlier in 2008 and were openly discussing a preemptive strike against the nation at the time.

“ Russia comes out and states, ‘ We’re going to defend yourself, ‘ and the media rotates that and says Russia is certainly threatening to blow the U. S. to kingdom come, ” Jones explained.

Over a decade later, after putting Western puppets within power in Ukraine plus stealing the 2020 political election from a president in Jesse Trump who wasn’t going along with the globalist agenda, the particular elite have finally gone through with their plans.

Ukraine’s actor-turned-president Volodymyr Zelensky admitted earlier this month that he requested NATO preemptively strike Russia before these people invaded his country on February 24th.

Zelensky’s numerous cries for NATO allies to preemptively attack Russia would almost guarantee World War 3, a fact the mainstream media is hiding from the public.

Alex Jones furthermore predicted “ a giant war in February” four weeks before Russia’s “ exclusive military operation” invasion of Ukraine.

Within the year leading up to the issue, Jones warned viewers repeatedly that the elite would shortly start a nuclear war.

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