December 5, 2022

Shroyer, Bannon & Posobiec Upon Cyborg Candidate John Fetterman’s Shocking Malfunctions During Discussion Against Dr . Oz

‘They’re normalizing the idea of candidates using pc assistance, ‘ warns Posobiec.

During Wednesday’s live transmission of “ The Alex Jones Show, ” Infowars host Owen Shroyer, Human Events Senior Editor Jack port Posobiec and War Room Pandemic host Steve Bannon held a group discussion in regards to the trainwreck debate performance of Democrat Pennsylvania Senate applicant John Fetterman.

Fetterman, who will be recovering from a recent stroke, was allowed to use a teleprompter during the debate, which is why Bannon calls him “ the cyborg, ” saying he’s “ half-man and half-machine. ”

After their poor outing, Fetterman claimed the closed captioning program at the debate with Conservative Dr . Mehmet Oz has been “ delayed” and “ filled with mistakes. ”

One concept floated by Posobiec is that Fetterman’s wife could ultimately be placed into his Senate seat if he manages to pull off the triumph.

“ Mark Fetterman, if elected, the plan is for him to not serve a single day in the United States Senate, ” he explained. “ They will appoint, and they have a list of people it’s a short list, but at the very top of that list may be the wife. Think of it, she actually is endorsed and blue-checked on Twitter as a verified Twitter user as the Second Lady of Pennsylvania. Doug Mastriano, the actual Republican candidate, genuinely even verified! ”

Next, the guys discussed the establishment using Fetterman as a prototype of the transhumanist agenda by introducing a person merged with a machine giving him rhetoric to read during a live debate.

Posobiec said, “ They may normalizing the idea of candidates using computer assistance and software impacted directly into their brain. A mind-man merger onstage right before our eyes. Could possibly be normalizing it to the point exactly where they’re saying, ‘ Wow, the computer was just not working, but it’s completely normal for any candidate to be hooked up such as this. ”

The tragically poor debate performance seems to be signaling a level for Democrats heading in to the midterms as polls show them quickly losing traction with voters.

Later in “ The Alex Jones Show, ” Bannon and Shroyer more discussed what Republicans have to do in order to defeat the Democrats.

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