December 6, 2022

Watch: Comedian Alex Stein Enrages College Liberals, Gets Throw On By Triggered Lefty

Hundreds of unhinged Penn State student protesters swarmed Stein, with some shouting, ‘I hope a person die! ‘

Liberal students on Pennsylvania State University upon Monday received an unwanted visit from comedian Alex Stein, who was on the scene covering protests against Happy Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

Numerous unhinged student protesters had been evidently familiar with Stein’s function and swarmed him whenever he began addressing the group, shouting at him, “ I hope you die! ”

One infuriated young woman shouting “ I hate you! ” at Stein (to which usually he replied, “ Also? I love you, I think you’re a very nice woman. ” ) was so triggered by his presence the lady spat on him, a good action considered “ assault” in some jurisdictions.

The internet wasted no time in turning the angry spitting protester into a meme.

Liberal protesters got so worked up, Penn Condition police moved to cancel McInnes’ speaking event citing a “ threat associated with escalating violence. ”

“ Demonstrations regrettably turned violent, ” law enforcement wrote in a statement, going on to accuse protesters of censoring the speakers.

“ We have urged peaceful protest, and, whilst protest is an acceptable means of expression, it becomes unacceptable in order to obstructs the basic exchange associated with ideas. This kind of obstruction is a form of censorship, no matter who initiates it or for what factors . ”

“ The climate within our nation has been polarized for quite some time. On campuses across the country,   violence  is  proliferating  and individuals are being intimidated as well as harmed. This must cease, ” Penn State police added.

Following a event’s cancellation, McInnes and Stein were provided the police escort exiting the event.

The complete chaos that broke out Mon illustrates how college liberals, who supposedly champion tolerance, have become completely intolerant of people whose political ideologies may align with theirs.

The unhinged reaction is also a testament to Stein’s effectiveness.

Infowars has provided to Stein to inquire whether he will be seeking assault charges against the girl in the video for spitting on him. We’ll up-date this article accordingly.

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