December 9, 2022

Snowden on Musk’s Twitter Order: Platform Censorship Has Gone ‘Too Far’

“Content moderation should be an individual decision, not a corporate prison. “

Former Nationwide Security Agency contractor Edward cullen Snowden, who is exiled within Russia, said on Fri that censorship on Tweets and other social media had turn out to be excessive, depriving users of the right to make their own decisions regarding content.

Snowden’s comment was in response to the news SpaceX plus Tesla founder  Elon Musk had bought Twitter. Musk, who has criticized Twitter meant for limiting freedom of manifestation in the past, hinted that he completed the platform’s purchase inside a tweet earlier on Friday reading, “ the bird can be free. ”

“ This is going to cause controversy, but platform  censorship  had clearly gone beyond the boundary. Content moderation should be a person decision, not a corporate jail. Let people make their very own choices — and not just upon Twitter, ” Snowden tweeted.

Musk’s buy of Twitter announced back in April was delayed in July by legal disputes between himself and the business about the number of fake balances on its social media system, which Musk alleged was much higher than the company documented.

On Thurs, the billionaire shared a on Twitter showing your pet moving into the company’s headquarters holding a sink,   indicating that he had finalized  the deal.

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