December 2, 2022

Incredible Throws Woman Down Air travel of Stairs in NYC Subway

Victim suffers fractured back in unprovoked attack

A woman suffered serious injuries when the girl was assaulted and shoved down a flight of stairs by a male suspect at a New York City subway place this week, according to reports .

The disturbing event unfolded at around five: 20 a. m. upon Sunday morning in A queen.

The 22-year-old victim was standing on the platform when a man contacted her and punched her in the face in an unprovoked assault.

The incredible then threw her straight down a flight of stairways and tossed her bag at her before walking away.

Oddly, he didn’t steal any one of her possessions, authorities say.

“ The girl sustained injuries to her left knee, back and right hands and was treated with Elmhurst Hospital. She had been diagnosed with a compression break to her back at the medical center, ” the New York Post reports, citing police.

NYPD released monitoring footage of the man lumbering away from the scene from the crime.

Big Apple commuters are facing an onslaught of attacks as crime within the city continues to spiral uncontrollable.

On Thurs, a man brandishing a fake gun hijacked a open public bus in Queens.

The vehicle crashed after the driver jumped out of the window.

Randomly victims are being pushed onto train tracks in Nyc on a frequent basis.

Infowars  frequently documents   disturbing crimes in the New York City subway system.

Alex Jones stops working the reports of a probable dirty bomb false banner set to start a NATO-backed war in Ukraine with Russia.

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