November 26, 2022

Law enforcement Dispatch: Paul Pelosi Stated ‘He Doesn’t Know Who The Male Is Yet He Advised That Call him by his name is David And He Is A Friend’

It doesn’t seem like we’re being given all of the facts of the alleged assault on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

The San Francisco nudist who was found by police in his underwear in Paul Pelosi’s home on 2AM while Nancy has been out of town and has a good LGBT flag outside his commune was described simply by Paul to 911 give as a male “ friend” whose “ name will be David” but whom this individual “ doesn’t know. ”

From  Breitbart, “ Police Dispatch Audio: Paul Pelosi When Calling Cops Stated ‘ He Doesn’t Know Who the Male Is but He Advised that will His Name Is David and He Is a Friend’” :

Paul Pelosi reportedly told 911 dispatch that the individual who allegedly bombarded him with a hammer in the home “ is a friend, ” according to a law enforcement dispatch call early Fri morning.

The particular alleged intruder reportedly attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, which forced him to endure emergency surgery for his injuries.

Officers later identified 42-year-old Berkeley resident David DePape because Pelosi’s attacker. DePape was reportedly wearing only under garments when officers arrived on the scene. He or she was taken into guardianship and will be charged with several felonies, including attempted killing, San Francisco district attorney Brooke Jenkins announced.

Crisis dispatch officials provided the police officers with an address within the 2600 block of Broadway street in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood, based on a dispatch call that took place around 2: twenty-eight a. m. on Fri.

A mail official calls out throughout the call to a police car with specific instructions plus an address.

“ Copy, ” responded the person on the other end of the call.

The dispatch official after that said that Pelosi informed 911 that he did not know whom the attacker was yet gave his name and then described that “ he is a buddy. ”

“ RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who seem to the male is but he advised that call him by his name is David, and that he or she is a friend, ” the mail official said. “ RP sounded somewhat confused.

Later in the time, the FBI visited the Berkeley home linked to DePape, which neighbors call the particular “ hippie collective, ” NBC Bay Area’s Jaxon Van Derbeken reported.

Interestingly, a photo from the outside of the house revealed many signs supporting left-leaning causes, which stands in contrast to attempts to link the attacker to “ MAGA extremists. ”

For instance , an American flag with rainbow colors and marijuana simply leaves can be seen in front of the house. Looking closer, a handwritten “ Black Lives Matter” indication can be seen hanging in one of the home’s windows.

Further, another sign posted within a different window reads, “ Berkeley Stands United Towards Hate, ” which describes a Berkeley-based organization that aims to “ cease the hate and implied biases that are a dangerous danger to the safety and civility of our neighborhoods, towns and cities. ”

This story appears to be taking a very strange switch.

Keep in mind that sound like we’re being provided all the facts here, people.

If any of this incident was caught by surveillance video — and it also most certainly should have been — it needs to be released QUICKLY.

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