December 6, 2022

VIEW: Sen. Chuck Schumer Captured on Hot Mic Informing Biden “We’re in Danger” Ahead of Midterms

Dems desperately concerned they’re going to get decimated within November.

United states senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was caught on the hot mic warning Later on Biden Democrats are “ in danger” in a specific midterm race.

“ That chair, we’re, we’re in danger in this seat, ”   Schumer told Biden during a conversation on the tarmac at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. It’s difficult to find exactly which district this individual was referring to.

In another electoral update to “ the Big Guy, ” Schumer could be overheard commenting on the Fetterman-Oz debate, saying, “ However, you know, it looks like the particular debate didn’t hurt too much in Pennsylvania as of today, therefore that’s good, ” plus, “ basically, we’re getting steam in Nevada. ”

Sen. Schumer also remarked on the Georgia Senate race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, saying, “ The state where we’re going downhill can be Georgia. It’s hard to think that they will go for Herschel Master. ”

Talking with The Hill , the Schumer representative said the Senate leader “ thinks the Democratic candidates will win, ” however his own statements to Biden confront that claim.

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