December 9, 2022

Video: SNL Mocks Biden & Democrats As Horrifying Potential clients Ahead of 2024

Spooky horror movie truck depicts Democrat candidates as old, weak, and resented.

“ Saturday Night Live” provided a grim prognosis of the current state of the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 selection, suggesting nobody is up to the task of taking on Donald Trump.

The sketch followed a horror movie trailer template, displaying Democrat supporters slowly realizing that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other candidates have no what it takes to beat the particular 45th president.

One couple panicked on hearing Biden was going to operate again in 2024, with all the boyfriend saying, “ He is a little old, but he can still win, right? He beat Trump. ”

“ But may he beat DeSantis?! ” the girlfriend shouted.

Another Democrat voter did some math to figure out Biden would be 81 years of age if elected again — a terrifying notion.

A group of voters then discussed Biden possibly operating again, bringing up all their “ accomplishments” before a smart voter noted that he fell off his bike.

“ I mean, I really like the guy, but this individual did his part, ” one voter said.

“ But if Biden’s not goin to run… who will? ” another asked.

“ I actually dunno… Kamala? ” the very first voter asked, which rapidly earned him a slap across the face.

After floating “ corny” Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and even Bernie Sanders, a single voter possessed by darkish forces said he has the particular “ perfect” candidate in mind.

“ The superstar who can go all the way… Hillary, ” this individual said, referring to the former 1st Lady.

“ AAAAHHHHH!!! ” everybody screamed.

That’s when everybody realized Biden is usually unironically their best option.

“ Biden? Are we back to Biden? ” someone asked.

Biden’s great! Right? Your dog is Biden! ” the had voter agreed.

It appears the Democrats are just beginning to understand how terrible their leaders are.

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