December 5, 2022

Alex Jones: $2. 75 Trillion Sandy Hook Payout Backfires on Kangaroo Court Ruling

‘It totally woke up almost everyone and blew up within their face’

Alex Jones reacts to the $2. 75 Trillion Sandy Hook payout and exactly how it backfired on the kangaroo court ruling.

Jones said the particular ruling was meant to “ demoralize” citizens to break their will, but instead, it woke people up to the ridiculous political attack.

He told listeners, “ This totally woke up almost everyone and blew up in their face spectacularly and the large Democrat Party PR firm that now admits these people ran the whole show is usually running around like a chicken with their head cut off saying, ‘ Well, we didn’t want $2. 75 trillion. ‘ But they did ask for it… ”

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