December 2, 2022

Biden DEFENDS PA Senate Applicant John Fetterman After Damaging TV Debate, Claims Stroked-Out Lawmaker ‘Just Getting Better and additionally Better’

“Fetterman is my kind of gentleman. And I think he’s going to be excellent, ” says puppet chief executive.

Paul Biden   looked after Pennsylvania  Senate   candidate John Fetterman as ‘ my sort of guy’ after a barrage regarding criticism and doubt ensued over his fitness regarding office after the effects of his particular stroke were put on total display during a debate with  Republican   opponent Dr . Mehmet Oz of last week.

When visiting a polling location in  Delaware   on Saturday, Biden informed members of the press collected that Fetterman is ‘ just getting better and better. ‘

‘ I thought he knew what having been doing, I thought he was effective, ‘ Biden said every time reflecting on his rally using the Democratic candidate on Feb 5th.

‘ Seem, Fetterman is Pennsylvania. Fetterman is everything that he appears to be, ‘ he added while taking off his sunglasses.

Biden participated in early voting at a polling place near his Wilmington, Delaware home on Saturday. He was joined by his granddaughter Natalie Biden, 18, the daughter in Beau and Hallie, who was voting for the first time.

‘ Fetterman is my personal kind of guy, ‘ Biden said to press after sending your line his ballot. ‘ And i believe he’s going to be fine. ‘

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