December 2, 2022

Correct The Vote Co-Founders Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht Arrested by US Marshals After Refusal To Identify Resource

Engelbrecht and Phillips were arrested around 10: 30 AM nearby time on Monday in the Bob Casey United States Courthouse in Houston, Texas

True The Election (TTV) co-founders Greg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht were taken into custody simply by officers of the United States Marshals Company (USMS) on Monday morning in Houston, Texas, on the order of Senior United states of america District Judge, Kenneth Eileen Hoyt, of the Southern Region of Texas (SDTX), after Phillips declined to identify the third man present at a January 2021 meeting with FBI Confidential Informant (CI), Mike Hasson, where Konnech Inc. information was allegedly accessed.

Atlanta Teas Party President, Debbie Dooley, was quick to critique the decision.

“ The FBI is equivalent to the KGB. When the GOP requires control of the House and Senate, they need to repeal the powers given to the intelligence community after 9/11, ” Dooley said. “ The F thugs are going after dissidents of the Biden Administration. ”

Mike Hasson had been issued a civil action summons, but it has been reported that Hasson has gone into hiding out of fear for his safety.

Investigative media reporter, George Webb, attended the 9: 00 AM at the Bob Casey United States Courthouse hearing in the case of  Konnech Inc. v True The Vote Inc. ( 4: 22-CV-03096 ) and   witnessed the arrest, which usually happened around 10: 30 AM.

Phillips stated that Mike Hasson, the identified man present at the meeting, was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Confidential Informant (CI).

“ It all comes down to this conference in this Dallas hotel, exactly where they were accessing, supposedly, the particular Konnech servers, ” Webb said. “ Catherine Engelbrecht [was] not at this meeting. Only Gregg Phillips [was]. [Phillips] said your dog is a confidential informant. [Phillips] said this other gentleman named Paul Hasson, who was there, also is a confidential informant for the FBI. ”

The third man at the meeting is the person that the federal government would like to identify.

“ The defense also stated the other third person seemed to be a confidential informant, these people just don’t want to quit the name of the third person, ” Webb said.

Webb suggested that the courtroom is being weaponized in order to cost the defendants on a process crime.

“ Again, Catherine Englebrecht, right here, is being put on the catch for something that Gregg Phillips is saying. I don’t think the lady knows that this is very typical, ” Webb asserted. “ When they can’t get you actually doing the crime, they get you on a process crime and the process crime here is blockage of justice, the process criminal offense here is contempt of court. ”

Furthermore on Monday, TTV  replaced its lead counsel , Brock C. Akers, for Michael J. Wynee.

The investigative journalist brought up the idea that the Engelbrecht be defended independently associated with her TVV partner.

“[They’re going to put her in a] sweat box, [to] hot box the particular witness, until she gives this [name] up, ” Webb said. “ This is sweating the witness to try to get process offences. ”

“ I really would suggest that the lady split herself from the Phillips attorneys. I think this is a huge mistake, ” he additional. “ Ask for a divided defense right now. ”

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