December 2, 2022

Democrat California Governor Newsom States Midterms “Feel Like A Red-colored Wave”

‘There are four races that are competitive now that were not aggressive five weeks ago, ‘ Newsom said of Ca House races.

Democrat Ca Governor Gavin Newsom foreshadowed bad news for their political party this week, telling a CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS News reporter it feels like a “ crimson wave” is going to surprise liberals in the upcoming midterm polls.

“ I had been just out in Santa claus Fe, New Mexico, ” the reporter told their co-hosts. “ I interviewed California’s Governor Gavin Newsom. He was there trying to help out the Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham earn re-election. That is clear proof that Democrats feel they need to be in places that they did not think they’d have to be five weeks ago in order to defend a governor like that. ”

The CBS reporter continued, “ We asked Gavin Newsom, ‘ How many seats in California, on the House side, can Democrats lose? ‘ This individual said, ‘ There are four races that are competitive since were not competitive five weeks ago. That indicates the shift in momentum. ‘ I said, ‘ Really does that feel like a reddish colored wave? ‘ In Gavin Newsom’s words, ‘ It will. ‘”

The overwhelming support for pro-Trump Republican candidates is too much for the establishment to disregard.

The still left is going to pull off their typical election fraud antics, but it appears even their puppet politicians are worried about the possibility of the party losing bigly in next week’s polls.

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