December 9, 2022

See The Viral Alex Jones Video Posted By Kyrie Irving And Decide For Yourself!

Anybody who shares or brings attention to the fact the globalists are using COVID to control communities is flagged for media harassment.

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving was chastised simply by reporters Saturday for publishing a viral clip associated with Alex Jones breaking down the New World Order’s depopulation plan.

In the 2002 clip, Jones lies out the globalists’ plan for a cashless society determined by a social credit score program using the release of a pandemic or plague to funnel humanity into a dystopian neo-feudal control grid.

Sounds a lot like the COVID crisis and the World Financial Forum’s Great Reset plan, doesn’t it?

Watch the clip on your own:

Notably, the particular reporter who badgered Irving didn’t refute a single word of Jones’ prescient evaluation, probably because everything Jones said is now being freely admitted by globalist frontrunners like WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

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