December 10, 2022

Video clip Shows Charlamagne Tha God, Who Labeled Kanye ‘A Nazi, ’ Saying Jews Run Hollywood And The Songs Industry

“You can’t speak bad about a Jewish person because they have organizations and they’re an in depth knit group of people in energy, who will bring you down, ” he said 9 in years past.

Charlamagne tha God attacked Kanye “ Ye” West as “ a Nazi” earlier recently over his comments regarding Jewish control of the media and music industry but newly surfaced video displays Charlamagne himself saying the identical thing.

“ You may not speak bad about a Jewish person because they have companies and they’re a close knit group of people in power, who will provide you with down, ” Charlamagne told VladTV in a buried job interview 9 years ago. “ They move as a unit. ”

“ You understand why there’s not a lot of Judaism rappers? Because there’s Judaism owners and Jewish CEOs — they run these types of labels, they’re the employers, that’s why! ”

“ What did Kanye say, he said uh, ‘ Happy Kwanzaa for all the artists and happy Hanukkah to all the label execs, ‘” the job interviewer said.

“ It’s the truth! ” Charlamagne exclaimed. “ They operate the business — period — from Hollywood to the music industry, everything! ”

“ It’s a extremely mafia, as they should be, ” he said.

“ I’ll be honest together with you, I don’t even feel comfortable talking with you about this right now, I’m sweating right now, pay attention — there’s certain details I don’t like to talk about — I love Jewish people. Most are powerful. I don’t need them to misconstrue anything Now i’m saying or take something I’m saying the wrong way, therefore i would much rather not even have this conversation, ” he or she continued.

“ I have a lot of great Judaism people in my corner, ” Charlamagne said. “ Excellent Jewish conglomerate. ”

Earlier this week, Charlamagne gave an interview to Newsweek where he attacked Ye as “ a Nazi” who may be on the side of “ fascism” and “ hate. ”

“ In case you attack Black people plus Jewish people in the period of a week then you are indeed a Nazi, ” Charlamagne said.

“ This is one of those situations for me, it’s like [West] went too much, ” he said. “ Like the anti-Black, anti-Semitic unsupported claims: Bro, you a Nazi … We already see fascism rising rapidly in this country, and you choose to be on the side of people spewing that kind of unsupported claims, energizing that kind of detest? ”

Charlamagne also attacked Ye a week ago by questioning his Christian faith.

“ He need to start really leaning into God, result in nothing he’s doing is of God. Nothing I’ve seen him do is of The almighty, ” Charlamagne said. “ I hope that this is what helps him to go find several real healing because obviously he’s hurting. Right? And am just — I don’t see this ending properly. I feel like he’s shifting like a person who doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be here considerably longer. You know what I mean? ”

Charlamagne also visited the media last week to praise Pete Davidson for having a “ 10-inch penis” and claim Ye had been just jealous of your pet.

“ My partner is out here f– ruler a white boy having a 10-inch penis, and you will not likely help me? … You’re informing me that’s your buddy, but you’re supposed to be culture? ‘” Charlamagne claimed Ye told him.

Davidson personally thanked Charlamagne as a “ true friend” for praising his penis and defending him through Ye.

“ It meant a lot meant for Charlamagne to have his as well as he knows he is a genuine friend, ” a source near to Davidson told  Showmanship Life .

Ye has refused in order to back down from his criticism of powerful Jews and  even shared the chart with the press on Friday night listing a number of Jewish businessmen who prospect major media and social media outlets.

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