December 9, 2022

YouTube SUSPENDS Louder with Crowder for Supporting Elon Musk Days Ahead of Midterms

Short-term YouTube suspension comes simply days ahead of midterm elections, which Crowder suspects may be the actual reason for his funnel strike.

YouTube  suspended  The Blaze show host Steven Crowder’s channel over the weekend following a display in which he supported new Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

In social media updates Sunday, Crowder explained YouTube flagged a video titled “ ELON MUSK VISITS TWITTER HQ & LIBS GO INTO FULL MELTDOWN! ” on his “ Louder with Crowder” channel for violating its policy on “ harassment, dangers and cyberbullying, ” yet did not identify the specific violation.

“ Trying to find here before, but that one is… very different, ” Crowder detailed in an Instagram blog post.

“ YouTube has released yet ANOTHER hard strike to the channel. No specifics are actually provided but they claim that our segment on Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is a breach of their deliberately opaque recommendations. ”

Crowder’s temporary YouTube suspension comes just days ahead of the midterm elections, which he suspects is the actual reason for his second hard strike. In case a channel receives three difficult strikes within a 90 day time period, the channel is usually permanently suspended .

“ Do you remember the reason behind our last strike? ” Crowder asked his audience.

“ It was due to none other than  @karilake  pointing to election-related issues for a primary IN WHICH SHE WON!! ”

“ Look, we have been going into an election period. One where, if the weighing scales of media were balanced, conservative Republicans would win in a landslide! ” Crowder wrote on Instagram.

“ They can’t possess that. Make no error, there is a reason that these two strikes directly relate to:
⁃ a future governor who has spoken out against huge tech
⁃ Support of a man (Musk) in whose purchase and plan for a big tech platform would fundamentally allow more free plus fair media coverage of elections. ”

Crowder also suspects the increased popularity of his approach, which has received nearly “ 100, 000, 000 plays/downloads within 30 days, ” presents a threat to the capabilities that be who avoid want him to be able to query establishment narratives.

“ Make no error, the machine is in full push. They are deathly afraid of you and the tectonic shift which is beginning to take place in our country. ”

Crowder says he’ll continue streaming on alternative video platform Rumble until he returns in order to YouTube on Nov. 21.

Here’s a Rumble version of the April. 27, 2022, “ Louder with Crowder” episode that got banned by YouTube:

Also, watch Crowder’s latest interview with Infowars web host Alex Jones:

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