December 2, 2022

Artist M. I. A. Creates With Blexit Founder Candace Owens Weeks After Controversial Alex Jones Tweet

UNITED KINGDOM pop star predictably bombarded on social media by ‘tolerant’ leftists who were triggered by her new association along with Owens.

British rapper M. I actually. A. posed for a photograph with Blexit founder Candace Owens, marking yet another questionable political social media post just weeks after she waded into a controversy involving Infowars host Alex Jones.

“ Here’s a scary picture for halloween night, ” the “ Paper Planes ” singer captioned a Tweets post Sunday, accompanied by a photo of her and Owens.

Owens is one of the founders of the Blexit movement, which encourages Dark Americans to leave the Democrat Party that has used them politically and rather “ aims to uplift and empower” them in a number of ways.

Mirielle. I. A. was naturally attacked by “ tolerant” leftists on Twitter who have been triggered by her new association with Owens.

M. I actually. A. ‘s post along with Owens suggests she’s acquiring sides in the culture battles that have engulfed rap icon Kanye West, who previously sparked controversy after appearing with Owens at a style show where they each wore “ White Lifestyles Matter” shirts.

The girl latest controversial post furthermore comes just weeks right after she asked Alex Jones’ billion money Sandy Hook verdict , asking if there’d become repercussions for celebrities exactly who pushed the Covid shot that has proven to have fatal consequences.

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