December 6, 2022

Elon Musk Wears Baphomet Costume to Halloween Party

What is the point of this symbolism?

While pundits have been praising Elon Musk for apparently restoring a sense of sanity with Twitter, others were enthusiastic to point out his strange Halloween costume with an image of Baphomet engrained on his chest.

Even more, the image associated with Baphomet features an inverted Christian cross.

Actually Musk made the point associated with posing for dozens of push photographs showing off the costume, with some of the photos provided below:

Taylor Hill  /  Getty
Taylor Hill  /  Getty

“ It’s not clear exactly what Musk was supposed to be outfitted as for [Heidi] Klum’s celebration, ” the particular Daily Mail admitted .

Keep in mind that between Telsa cars, nanochip technology and Starlink, Elon Musk has been pushing what’s considered the front of transhumanist technology, while at the same time criticizing the movement, so it’s fair to ask what is his true agenda – and how the acquisition of Twitter fits into his system.

Is Elon Musk simply attempting Full-spectrum dominance of world events for himself rather than as being a part of the system? Is he simply the public figure of the system? Or is he silently rebelling against the system from behind the scenes?

What do you think? Post your responses below.

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