November 26, 2022

Exotic Hook Ruling Will Be Overturned, Says Judge Andrew Napolitano

The Alex Jones Case “will be one of the great cases of all time that law students will study and attorneys and judges will depend on as the great protection of free speech, ” he says.

Judge Andrew Napolitano joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the developing spy state, the midterm elections, and how the Exotic Hook ruling against Alex will be overturned.

“ I believe, and your very fine lawyer Norm Pattis believes, that the Best Court of the United States will invert what happened to you in Austin plus Connecticut, ” Napolitano stated Tuesday.

The judge recognized the Supreme Court’s report regarding its defense from the First Amendment, claiming they will likely reverse Jones’ $1 billion defamation verdict.

“ For all the problems of this present Supreme Court, the Roberts Supreme Courtroom has been superb on totally free speech. Once it will get there, you will be vindicated, ” Napolitano told Jones.

He went on to say that the now-infamous “ Alex Jones case” will be examined for generations for its deep impact on free speech protections.

“ As well as the Alex Jones case, which now stands for suppressing free of charge speech, will be one of the excellent cases of all time that regulation students will study plus lawyers and judges can rely on as the great security of free speech. ”

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