December 2, 2022

Kanye: My Lawyer Told Me I’ll Lose Custody of My children If I Keep Up The ‘Anti-Semitic Rhetoric’

The Jewish activist team StopAntisemitism called for Ye to reduce custody of his kids earlier this month.

Ye mentioned Sunday night on Parler that he was told by his custody lawyer Frank Cohen that he will lose guardianship of his children when he keeps up his “ anti-Semitic rhetoric. ”

“ On my last and final meeting with Bob Cohen he told me ‘ easily keep up anti-Semitic rhetoric you are going to loose custody of your children, ‘” Ye  said.

“ So let me get this straight, ” he continued. “ If I complain about Jewish business practices it’s regarded as anti Semitic So the custody lawyer was essentially telling me If you complain about getting done wrong in business You will loose guardianship of your children And this was your guy on my aspect. ”

“ Bob Cohen was our custody lawyer, ” Ye said in  one more post . “ On our first meeting he had a black woman there We asked him why the girl was here He replied Chris Rock told me I needed to hire someone black He didn’t say The girl was a great lawyer This individual simply said I employed her cause she was black. ”

The Jewish activist group StopAntisemitism called for Ye to lose custody of his children earlier this month.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin also recommended that Ye’s “ anti-Semitic rants” and “ psychological illness” should be a factor in question him custody of their children.

“ To me, at the very least, I could get a judge saying at this point that there’ll be visitation [rights] but it’s going to supervised, ” Levin stated.

Ye said in  another posting   on Parler that he was suspended from Instagram “ for telling Russel Simmons that I would definitely make ‘ you know who’ have better contracts plus business practices. ”

Simmons can be seen in the textual content urging Ye to “ be the hero” in this scenario by bashing white individuals instead of his “ Judaism brothers. ”

“[L]et’s be the hero in this it’s very feasible you can be the bridge and fight white supremacy whilst getting out the frustrations that blacks have with their judaism brothers in a digestible method, ” Simmons said.

“ I’m remaining in America, ” Ye responded. “ I gotta obtain the Jewish business people to make the agreements fair Or die trying. ‘

Simmons said last week that Blacks and Jews should unite against “ white supremacy” and urged Ye to apologize to the Jewish community.

“ We have typical enemies, the blacks and the Jews, and great objective together … we are joined up with at the hip in our combat white supremacy, ” Simmons said.

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