December 6, 2022

Anarchy in America: We’re Being Gunned Down Like Dogs on the street

The death toll will be mounting. The carnage is definitely heartbreaking. The public’s trust in the government to do the job—which is to protect our own freedoms—is deteriorating.

Things break apart; the centre cannot keep;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide can be loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of purity is drowned.

— William Butler Yeats, “ The Second Arriving

Things are falling apart.

How much longer we are able to sustain the fiction that we live in a constitutional republic, I cannot say, but anarchy is being loosed upon area.

We are watching the unraveling of the United states dream one injustice during a period.

Day after day, the government’s crimes against the citizenry grow more egregious, a lot more treacherous and more tragic. And day after day, the American individuals wake up a little more to the harsh realization that they have become captives in a prison of their own making.

No longer a free people, we are now forced and prodded and watched over by twitchy, hyper-sensitive, easily-spooked armed guards which care little for the rights, humanity or well-being of those in their care.

The death toll is usually mounting. The carnage is definitely heartbreaking. The public’s trust in the government to do its job— which is to protect  our  freedoms— is deteriorating.

With alarming regularity, unarmed men, women, children and also pets are being gunned lower by the government’s standing army of militarized police who else shoot first and ask queries later, and all the government will is shrug and promise to do better.

Things are not getting better.

Patrick Lyoya will be dead. The unarmed man was pulled over for having a mismatched license plate and  shot in the back of the head   while lying on the ground during a struggle with a Michigan police officer.

Donovan Lewis is deceased. The 20-year-old unarmed guy was  sitting up in bed when he was shot   and killed by police inside a second of their barging through his bedroom door.

Tavis Crane can be dead. Police shot the unarmed driver during a visitors stop that arose right after his  two-year-old girl threw a plastic candy cane out of the window . When Crane refused to exit his vehicle, law enforcement climbed into the backseat of the parked car, placed Motorised hoist in a chokehold, and shot him repeatedly.

Justine Damond is lifeless. The 40-year-old yoga trainer was  shot plus killed by Minneapolis law enforcement , allegedly because they had been startled by a loud noise in the vicinity just as the girl approached their patrol car. Damond, clad in pajamas, had called 911 in order to report a possible assault in her neighborhood.

Ismael Lopez is deceased. The 41-year-old auto auto technician was  shot plus killed by Mississippi law enforcement   who visited the wrong address looking for a believe in connection with an aggravated household violence case. Police furthermore shot the man’s dog, which had raced away from home ahead of him.

Mary Knowlton is lifeless. The 73-year-old retired librarian was  shot plus killed by Florida law enforcement   during a “ shoot/don’t shoot” role-playing scenario when police inadvertently used a loaded gun meant for training.

Andrew Scott is dead. Even though 26-year-old homeowner had committed no crime and never fired a single bullet or raised his firearm against police, he was  gunned down by Florida police   who were looking into a speeding incident simply by engaging in a middle-of-the-night “ knock and talk” within Scott’s apartment complex.

Richard Ferretti is certainly dead. The 52-year-old chef was  shot and killed by Philadelphia law enforcement   while looking for a parking spot. Police had been alerted to investigate a purple Dodge Caravan that was driving “ suspiciously” with the neighborhood.

Charleena Lyles is dead. The particular pregnant, 30-year-old mother associated with four had called the police to report a stolen Xbox video game unit. The lady was  shot and killed by Seattle police   after they attained her home to find the girl holding a knife.

In every one of these scenarios, police  could   have resorted in order to less lethal tactics.

They  can   have served with reason and calculation instead of reacting with a fantastic instinct.

They  could   have attempted to de-escalate and defuse whatever perceived “ threat” caused them to panic for their lives enough in order to react with lethal push.

That law enforcement instead chose to fatally solve these encounters by using their particular guns on fellow residents speaks volumes about what is certainly wrong with policing in America today, where police officers are now being dressed in the trappings associated with war, drilled in the lethal art of combat, and trained to look upon “ every individual they connect to as an armed threat and  every situation as being a deadly force encounter within the making . ”

Remember, to a hammer, all the world looks like the nail.

We are going to not just getting hammered, however. We’re getting killed, execution-style.

It no longer matters whether you’re innocent of any wrongdoing or guilty as sin: when you are dealing with police who take first and ask questions later, due process— the constitutional assurance of a fair test before an impartial jury— means nothing.

All the individuals who have been chance and killed by police— fired at three plus four and five situations in a split second— have already been tried, found guilty plus sentenced to death. And that split second of determining whether to shoot plus where to aim, the nation’s law enforcement officers have appointed themselves assess, jury and executioner more than their fellow citizens.

In this way, we’re seen as nothing more than animals and taken care of as such.

In fact , we’re being gunned straight down like dogs.

Consider that a dog is shot by a police officer “ every 98 moments . ”

The Department of Proper rights estimates that at least  25 dogs are usually killed by police each day . 

Spike, a 70-pound pit bull, was photo by NYPD police   when they encountered him in the hallway of an house building in the Bronx. Security footage shows the dog, tail wagging, right before an officer shot him in the head at pointblank range.

Arzy, the 14-month-old Newfoundland, Labrador plus golden retriever mix, was shot involving the eyes   by a Louisiana police officer. The dog had been secured on a four-foot leash at the time he was shot. An independent witness testified which the dog never gave the officer any provocation to shoot him.

Seven, a St . Bernard, was shot frequently by Connecticut police   in the presence of the dog’s 12-year-old owner. Law enforcement, investigating an erroneous suggestion, had entered the property— without a warrant— where the dog and her owner have been playing in the backyard, causing the dog to give chase.

Dutchess, a 2-year-old rescue dog, was shot three times in the mind by Florida police   as she sold out her front door. The officer had been approaching the house to inform the residents that their particular car door was open up when the dog bounded to be able to greet him.

Yanna, a 10-year-old boxer, was shot 3 times by Georgia police   after they mistakenly joined the wrong home and opened up fire, killing the dog, shooting the homeowner in the leg and wounding an looking into officer.

Clearly, it doesn’t take much to get a cop to shoot a dog.

Dogs photo and killed by police have been “ guilty” associated with nothing more menacing compared to wagging their tails, woofing in greeting, or merely being in their own yard.  

According to the  Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals , most of it takes for dogs in order to pose a sufficient threat in order to police to justify all of them opening fire is for your dog to move or bark.

A dog doesn’t even have to be an aggressive breed of dog to be shot by a police officer.

Radley Balko has  documented   countless “ dog shootings in which a police officer stated he felt ‘ threatened’ and had no choice yet to use lethal force, including the killing of a  Dalmatian   (more than once), a  yellow Lab  , a  springer spaniel , a  chocolates Lab , a  boxer , an  Australian cattle dog , a  Wheaten terrier , an  Akita … a  Jack Russell terrier … a  12-pound miniature dachshund … [and] a  five-pound chihuahua . ”

Chihuahuas, among the smallest breed of dog (known as “ purse” dogs), seem to really push police over the edge.

Within Arkansas, for example , a  sheriff’s deputy shot an “ aggressive” chihuahua intended for barking   repeatedly. The dog required surgery to get a shattered jaw and a nourishing tube to eat.

Same thing happened in Texas, except Trixie— who was  on the other side of a fence from the officer — didn’t survive the shooting.

Let’s put this in perspective, will we?

We’re being asked to believe that the police officer, fully armed, trained in combat and equipped to deal with the worst case scenario when it comes to assault, is so threatened by a yipping purse dog weighing lower than 10 pounds that the just recourse is to shoot your dog.

Compounding the tragedy, if a cop kills your dog, there will be little to no consequences for that officer. Not even a slap around the wrist.

In this, as in so many instances of standard misconduct by government officials, the courts have dominated that the cops have skilled immunity, a legal doctrine that will incentivizes government officials to engage in lawless behavior without fear of repercussions. As a part note: if you happen to kill the police dog, you could face  a longer prison phrase than if you’d murdered someone or abused a child .

This is the heartless, heartbreaking, hypocritical injustice that passes for regulation and order in America these days.

Whether you’re talking about police shooting canines or citizens, the  mindset is the same : a rush to assault, abuse of power, worry for officer safety, bad training in how to de-escalate a scenario, and general carelessness.

This is the same way of thinking that sees nothing incorrect with American citizens being put through roadside strip searches, forcible blood draws, invasive security, secret government experiments, and other morally reprehensible tactics.

Unfortunately, this is the fallout from teaching police in order to assume the worst-case situation and react with concern to anything that poses the slightest threat (imagined or real). This is what comes from teaching police to view themselves because soldiers on a battlefield and those they’re supposed to serve as enemy combatants. This is the end result of a lopsided criminal justice program that fails to hold the federal government and its agents accountable for misconduct.

So exactly what is to be done about all this?

Essentially, it is about down to training and liability.

It’s the difference between police officers who rank their personal safety above everyone else’s and law enforcement officers who understand that their job opportunities are to serve and protect.

It is the difference between police who are trained to shoot to kill, and police trained to resolve situations peacefully.

Most of all, it’s the difference among police who believe legislation is on their side plus police who know that are going to held to account for their particular actions under the same legislation as everyone else.

This is no longer a debate over good cops and bad cops.

It’s a tug-of-war between the constitutional republic America’s founders meant and the police state we are fast becoming.

So how do we repair what’s broken, stop the particular senseless shootings and bring about lasting reform?

For starters, stop with all the scare tactics.   In much the same way that will American citizens are being cocooned within a climate of fear with a government that knows specifically which buttons to push in order to gain the public’s cooperation and compliance, police officers are also being  indoctrinated with the psychology of dread . Despite the propaganda getting peddled by the government plus police unions,   police today experience much less on-the-job fatalities   than they ever have historically.

Second, level the actively playing field.   Law enforcement lives are no more valuable compared to any other citizen’s. Whether or not they wield a gun, police officers are community servants like all other authorities officials, which means that they work with us. While police are entitled to every protection afforded under the law, the same as any other citizen,   they should not have to get afforded any special privileges . They certainly should not be protected from accountability for wrong doings by the courts and the legislatures.

3rd, require that police officers be trained in non-lethal tactics.   According to the  New York Times , the courses regimens at nearly all of the nation’s police academies continue to emphasize military-style exercises, with all the average young officer designed to undergo 58 hours associated with firearms training and 49 hours of defensive tactical training, but  only eight hours of de-escalation training . If police officers are taking classes in how to take, maim and kill, ought not to they also be trained in non-lethal force, crisis intervention teaching on how to deal with the psychologically ill, de-escalation techniques to make use of the lowest level of force achievable when responding to a danger, and how to respect their many other citizens’ constitutional rights?

Fourth, ditch the quasi-military obsession.   Police forces had been never intended to be position armies. Yet with law enforcement agencies dressing like the military in camouflage and armor, training with the military, making use of military weapons, riding about in armored vehicles, prospecting military veterans, and even boasting military titles, one would be  hard pressed to distinguish between the two . Still, they have our job to make sure that we can distinguish between the two, and that means keeping the police in their place as civilians— non-military citizens— who are entrusted with protecting  our   rights.

Fifth,   demilitarize.   There are plenty of examples of  countries where police are not equipped and dangerous , plus they are no worse off for this. Indeed, their crime prices are low and their own police officers are trained to watch every citizen as precious.

6th, stop making taxpayers pay money for police abuses.   Some communities are trying to  require police to carry their own professional liability insurance plan . The logic is the fact that if police had to spend of pocket for their personal wrongdoing, they might be more cautious and less inclined in order to shoot first and ask queries later.

Seventh, support due procedure for everyone, not just the people inside your circle.   Remember that you no longer have to be poor, black or guilty to be dealt with like a criminal in America. All of that is required is that you belong to the suspect class— a. e. a. the citizenry— of the American police state. Since a  de facto   member of this so-called criminal class, each U. S. citizen is now guilty until proven innocent.

Lastly, we need to do a better job of protecting our four-legged friends.   Several states are adopting laws to make  dog training mandatory for law enforcement officers . As dog actions counselor Brian Kilcommons observed, police “ need to realize  they’re there to neutralize, not control … If they have enough money to militarize the police along with Humvees, they have enough cash to train them not to kill family members. And pets are thought family. ”

After all, as the  Washington Post   points out, while “ postal workers regularly encounter both vicious and gregarious dogs on their daily rounds…   letter carriers shouldn’t kill dogs , despite the fact that they are bitten by the hundreds every year. Instead, the Postal Service offers its employees training on how to avoid attacks. ” Journalist Dale Chappell adds, “ Using live dogs, handlers and instructors put postal workers by means of scenarios to  coach them how to read a dog’s behavior   and calm a dog, or even fend it off, if required. Meter readers also have benefited from the same training, significantly reducing incidents of dog bites. ”

The Rutherford Institute   is focusing on a program aimed at training law enforcement to deescalate their interactions with dogs rather than resorting to lethal force, whilst providing pet owners with legal resources to better protect the particular four-legged members of their household.

Yet when i make clear in  Battlefield America: The Battle on the American People   and in the fictional counterpart  The Erik Blair Schedules , we will remain shot down like canines in the street— unarmed People in america and dogs alike— until we demand that law enforcement be given better— and constant— training in nonviolent strategies , serious consequences with regard to police who engage in extreme force, and a seismic change in how law enforcement firms and the courts deal with people who transgress.

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