December 2, 2022

Joy Reid Melts Down, States GOP ‘Fascists’ Fixing Forms to Steal Midterm Election

Democrats call GOP “election deniers” while broadcasting speaking points preparing to deny the election results.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is beginning to lose this as poll after election continues to signal a Reddish colored Wave in the upcoming midterm elections.

The “ Reid Out” host on Monday opined about a slew of polls indicating big trouble for that Democrats with the midterms just a week away, claiming these kinds of are being manipulated by GOP “ fascists” to take the midterm elections.

“ We’re just a little over a week away from our own midterm elections. And if you think the recent headlines, you should think that MAGA fascism will be ascendant, ” Reid lamented.

“ If you get past those headlines and get a little deeper, you would find out an insidious and seemingly intentional campaign from Republican-backed polling firms to flood the zone and tip the balance of polling averages in favor of their candidates, to create a narrative that Republicans are usually surging and that a red-colored wave is imminent plus inevitable, ” Reid mentioned.

Reid continued to say that “ greater than half” of the polls had been coming from Republican-backed firms and thus couldn’t be trusted.

But what about a current poll from left-leaning The New York Periods showing 49% of voters are planning to vote for Republicans and 45% of voters plan to election for Democrats on selection day?

What about a Five Thirty Eight poll also showing Republicans gaining ahead of Democrats?

screenshot: Five Thirty Eight

This comes as Democrats carry on labeling Republican candidates since “ election deniers ” while simultaneously priming the narrative in order to deny the midterm results should Republicans make gains in the House and Senate.


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