December 10, 2022

Vaxxed/Boosted Food Writer, 49, Whom Relished “Anti-Vaxxers/Mask Dying within Legions, ” Dies Abruptly from Cardiac Arrest

‘I would argue that COVID does destroy some of the right people. The particular anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying within legions, ‘ Julie Powell tweeted in September.

Julie Powell, a blogger turned influential food author who once celebrated anti-vax and anti-mask people “ dying in legions, ” died suddenly from heart arrest.

On Tuesday, Powell’s husband told The New York Times she died from heart arrest, with no other information supplied.

Upon information of her death, social media users quickly highlighted an October tweet from Powell in which she appeared to celebrate Covid-19 killing “ a few of the right people. ”

“ I would believe COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions, ” Powell tweeted in response to a woman wishing death on Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he examined positive designed for Covid.

The tweet was highlighted by 90s one-hit-wonder group Right Said Fred yet others on social media who were shocked by her untimely demise.

Further study showed Powell tweeted regarding being vaxxed and increased, and couldn’t wait to get another booster, despite the girl and her husband being sick from Covid over the past few months.

In Powell’s last tweet, made just one week ago, she also complained of developing a disease known as Black Hairy Tongue.

The 49-year-old author wrote “ Jules & Julia, ” a book based off her experience cooking every recipe in the Julia Child cookbook which was the inspiration behind a 2009 Hollywood adaptation featuring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

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