December 6, 2022

Alex Jones Warns: Democrats’ Only Move Against The Red Tsunami This November Is CHEATING

America’s populist movement NEEDS to watch & share this explosive interview!

Alex Jones joined up with Steve Bannon’s “ Battle Room” podcast to raise security alarm over how Biden’s newest speech was a total inversion of reality and actually exposed the desperation globalists need to openly hijack the midterms from the American people.

“ These people know there’s a massive political realignment, not just against leftists and globalists here, but all around the world, ” mentioned Jones to Bannon Thurs morning. “ They understand they’re done. All they can do is bring in a dictatorship like Hugo Chavez did when he was no longer popular. ”

“[Biden] is preprogramming that wondering the election – when they steal it – is definitely an act of terrorism and it is violence. ”

Watch & share this explosive interview far and wide to galvanize the pro-liberty & pro-human movements in America plus across the world!

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