December 2, 2022

BREAKING: Kyrie Irving Pays 500K Fine to ADL – Learn What They Don’t Desire You to Know

The basketball star will be ‘re-educated’ by the mind of the ADL

Alex Jones breaks down the true cause to punish those that talk out against or expose the globalist agenda since Kyrie Irving is set to pay the ADL $500K for the tweet.

“ Kyrie Irving just paid a 500 thousand-dollar fee, a fine to the ADL and announced he will end up being ‘ re-educated’ by the head of the ADL, ” Jones explained on Thursday. “ All Kyrie Irving did was put a link up talking about how a bunch of Africans from North Africa are usually related to Jews. That’s in the Old Testament. Ethiopia was founded by black Jews. ”

Jones continued, telling his audience, “ You know that may be what the gun grabbers, the Democratic Party groups that sued me in these legal courts, told me in mediation. Someone said, ‘ We want you to come out against the Second Amendment and we’ll drop all of this. ‘”

Laughing in the prospect of him folding to the anti-Constitution establishment, Jones joked, “ Oh, I can be sitting in your panel and then you’ll be nice in my opinion? You oily gross lawyers. I am happier and more in existence than I have ever been being under savage attack by scum of the Earth. You could put a gun to my mind, you filth, and I wouldn’t back down one inch. And I’ll never back down provided that God keeps me alive… ”

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