November 26, 2022

Deranged Democrat Arrested After Voicemail message to GOP Gov. Candidate Threatening to Skin Him Alive, Feed His Family to Him

Scott Lennox bragged he’s a ‘political terrorist’ and apparently threatened to murder Illinois Republican Gov. candidate Darren Bailey.

A Chicago man with liberal political leanings was imprisoned after allegedly making passing away threats toward Darren Bailey, a Republican candidate working for Illinois’ highest workplace.

The particular incident took place last week upon Friday, Oct. 28, the same day as Paul Pelosi’s hammer attack.

Prosecutors say Scott Lennox, 21, made the particular threatening phone call to Bailey’s campaign office after he’d gotten into a “ heated argument” with friends in a bar over a political advertisement aired on TV that produced him “ angry. ”

Image credit: Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office / Chicago Sun-Times

In the voicemail, Lennox threatened to murder Bailey and his children, saying he knew where they all slept.

“ I’m going to skin Darren Bailey alive, making sure he is still alive, and I’ll feed his f— — — family to him as he is alive and screaming in f— — — pain, ” Lennox said in the message remaining for Bailey’s Springfield workplace, according to prosecutors.

The Chi town Sun-Times adds the defendant also included “ statements about abortion. ”

From the Sun-Times :

This individual further said, “ They are a piece of white a— racist s— -, and honestly if he doesn’t eliminate himself, I will. You know what? I am aware where he lives. I know in which he sleeps. I know where his kids sleep. And I know the f— — — college he works at, ” prosecutors allege he mentioned. Lennox also said “ the candidate teaching all of this mother f— — — misinformation is going to die. Therefore honestly he should just kill himself before anything else happens. ”

After saying he failed to like the state’s current Democrat Governor J. B. Pritzker, Lennox went on to motivate Bailey to commit committing suicide, or else he’d do the job.

“ So f— – him for being a piece of s— -… So you know what? I am going to get anything and everything possible. You know what? I am going to make him scream. I am going to make him scream and suffer. Yeah, that’s right. So he better kill themself, and if he doesn’t, I will kill him. ”

In Snapchat messages reviewed by police, Lennox reportedly bragged he was a “ politics terrorist” and celebrated the fact a private school run by Bailey was forced to get into lockdown over the threats.

“ I feel therefore f— — — achieved, ” Lennox said inside a message to a friend.

Police arrested Lennox at his home upon Monday, charging him along with felony counts of threatening a public official, phone harassment and harassment by electronic communications. His bail is set at $75, 000.

In a rare show of unity, Bailey’s incumbent opponent, Gov. Pritzker (D-Ill. ) condemned the strike on social media, saying, “ The violent rhetoric plus division we’re seeing across our country is undesirable. Hatred in any form does not have any home in Illinois. ”

Reports on Lennox’s alleged crimes surfaced the same day Joe Biden resolved the nation blaming inflammatory unsupported claims from “ extreme MAGA Republicans” for the Pelosi assault and labeling them the threat to democracy .

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