December 6, 2022

EL Security Council Votes Lower Probe Into Biolabs in Ukraine

Moscow alleges Ukrainian biolabs have been studying and stockpiling deadly pathogens like anthrax and cholera at US-sponsored labs

The Un Security Council (UNSC) has  voted down a Russian proposal  to establish a commission to investigate claims of a joint US-Ukraine  “ military biological” system.

Returning to at least March, Moscow has alleged Ukrainian biolabs have been studying and stockpiling deadly pathogens like anthrax and cholera at US-sponsored labs, saying further this can be a violation of the  1972 international convention on biological weapons.  

At Wednesday’s security council vote,   US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said the us and its ally the Ukrainian government have been “ by means of Russia’s allegations in Geneva, point by point, plus debunked every single one. ”

US, Britain, and France voted against Russia’s proposal  – but  crucially China backed this , while ten rotating council members abstained, one of the 15-nation body.

“ The United States does not have a biological weapons program. You will find no Ukrainian biological weaponry laboratories supported by the United states of america, ” Thomas-Greenfield countered.

Instead of military biolabs, Washington has presented the next narrative on its  program in Ukraine :  

During a series of U. And. meetings prompted by the Ruskies allegations, the  U. S. has described   the non-military biological labs it has supported within Ukraine since the 1990’s, including one called the “ Natural Threat Reduction Program” that was created to disassemble the former Soviet Union’s programs, to  “ reduce legacy threats from nuclear, chemical, and natural weapons left in the Soviet Union’s successor states. ”

A single key facility that Russian allegations have long centered on remains the  Virology Reference Laboratory in Kiev. The lab says they get regularly inspected by a World Health Organization team, and further that after the Russian intrusion started, and bombs began falling, they destroyed “ particularly dangerous biological stresses they had in storage, ”   according   to the lab’s movie director as quoted in CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS.

Russia plus China have pointed out that Congressional testimony from earlier in the war by US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was particularly damning and is confirmation that US-backed research into deadly pathogens with Ukrainian facilities was occurring.

As for China, during the same month that Nuland gave her testimony (in March), Beijing  required that   the particular Biden administration “ give a full account of its biological military activities at home plus abroad and subject by itself to multilateral verification. ”

In response, the united states has consistently rejected the allegations as a “ conspiracy theory theory” with US officials ending up in Chinese counterparts in Ancient rome at a previous bilateral meeting  being   “ shocked” at the assertions.  

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