December 6, 2022

Elon Musk To Fire Half Of Twitter On Friday

Taking a page out of Thanos’ playbook (or is that  Zorg), in two days Elon Musk will finally do what he has repeatedly warned he would do:   release mass layoffs at the company he just acquired. According to Bloomberg, the world’ s richest man will eliminate 3, 700 jobs at Twitter – roughly half the company’ s whole workforce – […]#@@#@!!

Having a page out of Thanos’ playbook (or is that  Zorg ), within two days Elon Musk will finally do what he’s repeatedly warned he would do:   unleash mass layoffs at the company he just acquired.

According to Bloomberg, the world’s richest man will remove 3, 700 jobs in Twitter – roughly half the company’s entire workforce – in a bid to drive lower costs following his $44 billion acquisition; Musk can inform affected staffers Fri, said the Bloomberg sources. Oh, and all those masked snowflakes who previously raged against the previous management’s “ draconian” demand to come back to the office, you’re out of fortune too: Musk intends in order to reverse the company’s existing work-from-anywhere policy asking what few employees remain to report to offices.

Musk and a team of advisers have been weighing a range of situations for job cuts along with other policy changes at San Francisco-based Twitter, the people mentioned, adding that the terms of the headcount reduction could still modify. In one scenario being regarded, laid off workers will be provided 60 days’ worth of severance pay, two from the people said.

With the “ liberal and tolerant” still left putting Musk under the monetary deplatforming squeeze, as numerous woke advertisers are pressured by  vocal ua-left radicals  to drop Twitter unless the social media system is fully  MSNBC’ed…

… that will leave advertisers showing their particular ads to a handful of socialist-preapproved media outlets catering to people whose entire income originates from the government, who pay zero taxes, and can’t actually afford to buy anything, Musk is under pressure to find ways in order to slash costs of a company for which he overpaid.

To be sure, the bulk exodus won’t come as a surprise: Twitter employees have been  bracing  for layoffs ever since Musk took over last Thursday and fired the very best executive team, including TOP DOG Parag Agrawal and best censor, Vijaya Gadde. This past weekend, a few employees with director and vice president tasks were cut, while other leaders were asked in making lists of employees on the teams who can be cut, Bloomberg reported, adding that senior personnel on the product teams were asked to focus on a 50% reduction in headcount. Engineers and director-level employees from Tesla reviewed the particular lists.

Layoff lists were drawn up plus ranked based on individuals’ contributions to Twitter’s code during their time at the company. The particular assessment was made by both Tesla personnel and Tweets managers.

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