December 9, 2022

Ex-Pakistan PM Imran Khan Chance During Political Rally in Assassination Attempt

Khan ‘sustained a bullet injury in his leg after a gunman opened fire at a rally in Wazirabad. ‘

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister  Imran Khan  has been shot at a political rally on Thursday, with multiple media reports saying he has sustained a wound to the leg.

“ Imran Khan, the former primary minister of Pakistan, has  sustained a bullet injuries in his leg after a gunman opened fire at a  rally  in Wazirabad, ” Al Jazeera reports from the breaking development.

“ Azhar Mashwani, the official with Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, confirmed to Al Jazeera on Thursday that the politician was shot in the lower-leg but was not in danger, ” Al Jazeera continues.

“ Six others, including politician Faisal Javed Khan, were also reportedly injured in the attack, ”   the report adds.

Thus it appears a mass shooting plus significant assassination attempt around the former head of condition and his top officials. Since details are emerging, it is not as yet clear who or what group was at the rear of the shooting.

Bloomberg  reports   former finance ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) and Khan’s party leader  Asad Umar as saying in an update on his condiction:   “ He is stable. The bullet hit their leg. He is being shifted to a hospital in Lahore. ”

Khan has been a deeply controversial physique of late, over the past week top a protest march popular of snap elections and calling out rampant corruption.  

Dramatic footage purporting to show the moment bullets sprayed the crown at Khan’s political rally is circulating on interpersonal media…

Scene from the chaotic aftermath where Khan is loaded into an awaiting car to be hurried to the hospital:

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