December 6, 2022

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Avoiding ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Minors in University-Affiliated Hospitals

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, which had been offering this ‘gender-affirming care’ to minors up until that point, has been quick to change its plan.

On October 4, Ok Governor  Kevin Stitt   signed   SB-3XX   into law, preventing state funding of gender-reassignment surgeries and hormonal therapies regarding minors.  

The new law immediately affected University of Oklahoma’s hospital system by harmful to withhold  $108 million   really worth of state funding through any hospital that offered such treatments to those under 18.  

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital , which had been  offering   this particular “ gender-affirming care” to minors up until that point, has been quick to change its plan to accord with the brand new law, now offering these procedures only to those 18 and older.  

Upon signing the bill, Governor Stitt  stated   that  “[i]t is usually wildly inappropriate for taxpayer dollars to be used for condoning, promoting, or performing these kinds of controversial procedures on healthy children. ”

“ I am calling for your Legislature to ban most irreversible gender transition surgical procedures and hormone therapies upon minors when they convene next session in February 2023, ” he stated. “ We cannot turn the blind eye to what’s happening all across our nation, and as governor I will not really allow life-altering transition surgeries on minor children in the state of Oklahoma. ”

In an official  statement   concerning the legislation, OU Health stated, “ In light of the legislation signed by Chief excutive Stitt, we have ceased hormone-related prescription therapies and surgical procedures for gender-affirming services upon patients under the age of 18. OU Health provides care in accordance with all state and federal laws and in compliance with regulatory governing bodies. ”

Campus Reform   contacted Chief excutive Kevin Stitt and OU Health for comment.

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