December 10, 2022

Selection Disruption Alert! Colorado Checking out ‘Suspicious Substance’ Found In Mail-In Ballot

This could the the perfect reason for the left to hold off counting ballots

With Chief executive Joe Biden oddly telling the American people upon Wednesday it may take days to count votes in the upcoming midterms and the majority of very conservative anticipating another Democrat plan to steal votes, the latest information out of Colorado does not bode well for election integrity.

FBI officials are working alongside local law enforcement in Denver, Colorado to look in to a “ suspicious substance” found in a mail-in ballot sent to the Adams County elections office.

Officials said the substance getting sent in the ballot “ appears to be an attempt to disrupt the elections process. ”

Adams Region clerk Josh Zygielbaum told ABC News on Thursday that “ Hazmat units, paramedics, firefighters and other law enforcement companies were called to the region offices after the ballot had been received Wednesday. ”

“ It really hard disks home what we’ve been worried about, but we’ve got great plans in place and will ensure that the particular election goes off without a problem, ” Zygielbaum said. “ And even if we have people who are going to try to disrupt the procedure, we will work around these to make sure it gets accomplished. ”

The specific substances found in the ballot won’t be revealed until a lot more lab tests are completed.

The incident provides Democrat politicians attack their GOP opponents by claiming they’re instigating violence against election officials and workers.

If the top notch truly wanted to delay the elections in order to give them selves more time to cheat, it might be plausible to launch the false flag against the MAGA Republican by claiming they’re placing a dangerous element in mail-in ballots.

This would fit the left’s current narratives completely.

A similar fear campaign was carried out and covered up by the Deep State in the early 2000s when Anthrax from Fort Detrick was sent to people and politicians, resulting in five deaths and 17 individuals being sickened.

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