December 5, 2022

Stephen Miller’s America First Legal Running Ads in Atlanta Highlighting Democrats’ Anti-White Bigotry

Former President Trump advisor Stephen Miller is definitely running ads in Georgia highlighting how Democrats possess embraced anti-white bigotry plus open anti-white discrimination.   An ad being operate in Georgia by Stephen Miller’ s group: America First Legal. pic. twitter. com/tIeUHGYZoB — Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahid) November 2, 2022 “ When did racism against white people become OK? ” the advertisement from Miller’ s […]#@@#@!!

Former President Trump advisor Stephen Miller is usually running ads in Atlanta highlighting how Democrats have embraced anti-white bigotry and open anti-white discrimination.  

“ When did racism against whitened people become OK? ” the ad from Miller’s America First Legal starts. “ Joe Biden put white people last in line for Covid relief funds. Kamala Harris said devastation aid should go to non-white citizens first. Liberal politicians block access to medicine based on skin color. Progressive corporations, airlines, and universities all openly discriminate against white Americans. Racism is always wrong. The particular left’s anti-white bigotry should stop. We are all entitled to equal treatment under the law. ”

America First Legal is also  running radio ads highlighting the Democrats’ efforts to sanitize children and mutilate their particular genitals in the name of “ transgenderism. ”

Democrats are calling for the ads to be banned because telling inescapable fact regarding what they’re doing in order to us is “ hate” and a form of “ assault. ”

From  Politico :

America Initial Legal has made more than $4 million in radio purchases across Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit — cities in competitive says with significant Black populations. The radio ad features a guy speaking over ominous songs, claiming that children were pushed to take puberty blockers and get gender-affirming surgery.

“ The Biden administration is pushing revolutionary gender experiments on children, ” the narrator says in the original radio spot. “ Tell Joe Biden and left-wing leaders across America, ‘ Hands away from our kids. ‘”

NAACP president Derrick Johnson said the organization sent words to radio stations asking all of them not to run the advertisement, which he called “ the worst I’ve seen” on the issue this routine.

“ This really is playing to the lowest common denominator of hate plus otherizing, targeting the LGBT community, ” Johnson stated. “ When you create this kind of negative reaction to individuals who [don’t] present any societal grief, you only create space for people to feel justified for attacking all of them physically and through public policy. ”

Derrick Johnson was  part of the Elon Musk call where Musk told the ADL and other “ civil society leaders” that he’ll scrap his commitment to free speech.

The united states First Legal vice president and general counsel Gene Hamilton defended the radio advertisement. “ The Biden Administration and its allies are evolving a radical agenda that denies biology, denies truth, and denies that they are intimidating children, ” he stated in a statement. “ All of us believe in biology and we believe that confused children should not be damaged permanently by individuals with sweeping agendas. ”

Democrats are permitted to openly (and illegally) discriminate against whites and mutilate children’s genitals but you’re not allowed to talk about it.  

This is a perfect example of why Musk’s  futile attempt to find a middle ground with these lunatics   will never work.  

The right wants to preserve America and protect our history while the left wants to  destroy America   and  mutilate children.

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