December 6, 2022

“Their Day Is DONE”: Lara Logan Slams Globalists, Winners a Better Future for Kids In Exclusive Interview

Watch & share this explosive job interview globalists DO NOT want you to hear!

Journalist Lara Logan joined up with Kristi Leigh of KLIM. information to speak out about her recent ban from Newsmax and to break the latest on how she’s working to prevent the “ pure evil” globalists are unleashing on to children every day across the world.

“ Their day is done, ” said Logan. “ They may be very powerful, they will do absolutely anything to anyone and I know they’re going to keep attacking me personally and I don’t care. I don’t care. ”

“ I cannot live one day on this earth without doing everything humanly possible to stop what is happening to a lot of children. It is absolutely unadulterated pure evil. ”  

Watch & share this explosive interview where Logan also unloads on more topics globalists want to censor, including: how forced vaccinations have obliterated the Nuremberg Code, the weaponization associated with open borders, the transexual movement, and how faith within God is instrumental within combating evil.

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