December 9, 2022

VIDEO CLIP: Reporter Destroys Obama Face-to-Face in MUST SEE Brand new Drew Hernandez Interview!

The popular activist was fired up during this epic dialogue. Be sure to share this link to your friends and family to inspire a lot more people to take action!

Drew Hernandez joined Alex Jones live via Skype ip telefoni on Thursday to describe how he recently called out Barack Obama while this individual was campaigning for the hurtful Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs in Arizona.

Hernandez told Jones it was the Infowars founder’s 1990s and 2000s activism that inspired your pet to take action, such as Jones becoming arrested for calling out there George W. Bush during a press conference.

“ I learned from your best, ” Hernandez stated. “ I’m not the one which first started doing that, I grew up watching Infowars and Alex Jones. Wish just continuing the legacy. That’s why we need you and that’s why they want to shut you straight down, because you influence people to engage go on offense. That’s exactly what these people hate. ”

The particular activist also explained exactly how ridiculous it is that like a black man, Barack Obama would stump for Katie Hobbs who is a twice-convicted racist who allegedly fired a woman for being black plus ran a mock slave auction in high school.

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