December 6, 2022

Watch: TRIGGERED Obama ‘Deports’ Protester Asking About Katie Hobbs’ History of Black Discrimination

TPUSA’s Drew Hernandez confronted former President Barack Obama at a rally stumping for Hobbs in Phoenix, az, Arizona.

TPUSA correspondent Drew Hernandez confronted former President Barack Obama at a rally in Arizona, calling out their support of Dem. gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs despite her history of discrimination against black people.

Hernandez was in attendance at the event hosted at Cesar Chavez Senior high school in Phoenix Wednesday, where he managed to trigger Obama prior to getting “ deported” through the building.

“ An economy that’s very good for people at the very top, but not always so good for ordinary people, ” Obama told the audience just before being cut off by Hernandez, who shouted, “ Like you Obama! Why do you support Katie Hobbs? Katie Hobbs discriminated against black people! ”

Obama attempted to mitigate the being interrupted after taking notice associated with Hernandez, asking him, “ Are you gonna start, a person gonna start yelling? ”

Obama later scolded Hernandez telling him, ” You know, you, have to be polite and civil when people are talking then other people are talking and you get a chance to talk. Setup your own rally. A lot of people proved helpful hard for this. ”

Hernandez continued, “ Katie Hobbs discriminates against black people! ”   as Obama told him, “ C’mon man. ”

Hernandez has been quickly whisked out of the rally, with Democrats wildly screaming obscenities at him.

On Twitter, Hernandez highlighted Hobbs’ firing of the black policy adviser within 2015 who had complained about low pay plus Hobbs’ discomfort with minorities and people of color. That will woman, Talonya Adams, later went on to win a $2 million lawsuit contrary to the Arizona Senate for ethnic and sex discrimination, and after that Hobbs issued an apology .

Obama’s interruption Wednesday came days after he or she was also faced with protesters in Detroit, Michigan , over the weekend, where anti-war protesters accused Obama of having the US into a war with Ukraine as early as 2014.

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