December 10, 2022

Claimed Pelosi Attacker Confirmed Because Illegal Immigrant, Embraced Left- And Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

The man who allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi is an illegal immigrant,   U. S. officials have confirmed. “ U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stuck an immigration detainer  on Canadian national David DePape with San Francisco County Jail, Nov. 1, following their Oct. 28 arrest, ” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told The Epoch Times in an e-mail. DHS is the […]#@@#@!!

The man who apparently attacked Paul Pelosi is an illegal immigrant,   U. S. officials have verified.

U. S. Immigration and Customs Observance (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer   on Canadian national David DePape with San Francisco County Jail, Nov. 1, following his Oct. 28 arrest, ” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told The Epoch Times in an e-mail.

DHS is the parent agency associated with ICE, which is tasked along with removing people who are in the United States unlawfully.

Immigration detainers are placed on suspects who are illegal migrants. They are meant to prevent condition or local officials through releasing the suspects.

If a suspect is due to be released, the detainer means officials hand over the person to federal officials, except if local officials defy the particular request.

Adam Lipson,   DePape’s public defender, indicated after  DePape’s arraignment   this week that he was representing an illegal migrant.

“ He currently has a federal hold therefore he can’t be released anyway, ” Lipson told reporters when asked about the motion for no bail inserted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Lipson could not become reached for comment.

No one in America should be victimized by an illegal alien.   The illegal peculiar crime rate here must be exactly 0. 0%, ” the National Border Patrol Council, the Border Patrol’s union, said in a declaration.

Immigration records show DePape entered the usa in March 2008 as a temporary visitor. Canadians are generally admitted without a visa if they happen to be visiting for business or enjoyment and can typically stay in the usa for up to six months.

Additionally , according to a lawyer that has been in touch with DePape’s former girlfriend,   DePape has embraced left-wing and right-wing conspiracy ideas.

Oxane “ Gypsy” Taub, 53, former girlfriend of hammer attack suspect David DePape, is proven in a mugshot dated December. 15, 2021. (Courtesy Ca Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)

Since Janice Hisle reports at The Epoch Times , the former girlfriend,   Oxane “ Gypsy” Taub, is herself in a women’s  prison for 20 criminal offenses involving a teen boy.

Taub’s attorney, Christopher Dobbins, told The Epoch Times on November. 2 that based on their conversations with Taub the theories about DePape as being a right-wing extremist seem to be away from base.

Dobbins thinks DePape tends to think conspiracy theories in general, whether they’re left-wing or right-wing.

He’s all over the place , ” Dobbins said.

Dobbins said he has heard from Taub by phone frequently since news broke that DePape, 42, was arrested within the Oct. 28 breach of the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco. She has expressed a lot of concern for DePape, Dobbins stated.

Taub continues to be trying to raise funds intended for DePape’s defense, Dobbins mentioned.

Statements through Dobbins and a neighbor drop new light on DePape’s unorthodox lifestyle, his apparent homelessness, and his thought processes.

“ Electronic ven though he is probably Public Enemy No . 1 right now , ” and DePape and Taub have apparently been alienated for a while, Taub still cares for her ex, Dobbins stated.

She thinks he’s deeply troubled and it has serious mental issues, Dobbins said. The two have recognized each other for many years and each were pictured in San Francisco newspapers in 2013 whenever they were protesting city ordinances banning public nudity.

Taub inquired Dobbins to defend DePape; Dobbins said he declined the particular offer,   choosing to steer away from any conflict of interest involving their representation of Taub.

Lawyer Contests ‘ Fixated’ Claim

DePape is the father associated with two of Taub’s three children. A daughter, fathered by another man, is grown; two boys, within their late teens or earlier adulthood, have been living solely at their mother’s residence during her legal difficulties, Dobbins said.

Now 53, Taub is imprisoned near Los Angeles with regard to offenses involving a teen youngster, prosecutors said in a news release when a jury convicted her in August 2021.

Dobbins points out that his client testified within her own defense, and she nevertheless asserts that she is innocent. She testified that her actions toward the youngster were misinterpreted.

The teen was a schoolmate of just one of her sons, plus Taub was convinced the boy was being abused, Dobbins said. She believed she was being helpful to him, because she was repeatedly getting in touch with him after being told to prevent, Dobbins said. But “ she never touched your pet, ” he declared.

Prosecutors, however , mentioned Taub “ became fixated on a 14-year-old boy in 2018, ” and dedicated the offenses.

That was how the Alameda Region District Attorney’s Office place it in a news release.

Prosecutors issued the release in August 2021 after a jury found Taub guilty of four felonies— attempted child abduction, stalking, and two counts of dissuading a witness— plus 16 misdemeanors: a count of molestation plus 15 violations of court orders to stay away from the particular boy.

Over the course of 14 a few months, she sent him several obsessive emails, created weblogs directed at him, used their friends to send him communications,   and eventually attempted to abduct him a few blocks from his school within Berkeley, ” the release said. “ While the case has been pending, Taub also tried to dissuade the victim through testifying. ”

DePape Lived in School Tour bus

Dobbins, who was a schoolteacher before he became an attorney 14 years ago, said Taub is one of the most fascinating, unusual clients he has actually encountered.

He or she described her as a free of charge spirit and a well-intentioned idealist who can be misunderstood. “ She is a kind of out-there individual, kind of pushing the package, ” he said,   acknowledging that her nudist, bohemian lifestyle irritates her neighbors ; he said he had visited the location several times.

Ryan La Coste, who exists near the house where Taub lived in the 1500 prevent of Woolsey St ., Berkeley, Calif., told The Epoch Times that he only noticed DePape “ in transferring, ” but he believes DePape sometimes lived within a yellow school bus which is parked at the property.

Authorities have said they believe DePape mainly was living in a garage area on Shasta Street in Richmond, Calif., for the past 2 yrs.

La Coste said DePape sporadically showed up in the Berkeley community even after Taub was incarcerated . La Coste believes he most recently saw DePape staying in the bus a couple of months ago.

La Coste has lived within the neighborhood for five or six years. Right after he moved in, “ the problems started immediately” at Taub’s house, he said.

“ Children had been setting fires out right here. They were dressed in like snorkeling gear and swim trunks, setting fires and smoke was coming into my house, ” he said. “ Therefore i was like, trying to go tell their mother, not knowing who have she was. ”

Later that night time, he got a contact that was “ super-weird, ” he said. “ Someone said I threatened to eliminate her children… and it just got worse and even worse from there… it was simply kind of like a constant flow of bugging me and disturbing me and trying to choose fights with me. ”

That stopped just after Taub was locked up on the charges relating to the young boy. She is eligible for parole in January, court records show.

Una Coste described DePape and a parade of other “ characters” coming and heading at Taub’s property, “ almost like a hippie group. ”

They’ve had people camping right here, trying to sell myself drugs over the fence, ” he said, “ And, you know, they’re energetic nudists; they’re plastered all over the internet. ”

Also Taub’s sons have been known to be “ just standing generally there, naked, ” La Coste said, even in front of his 13-year-old niece.

Psychedelic Experiences?

La Coste furthermore said he found this strange that Taub has been enamored of a psychoactive chemical called ibogaine— which she’d go to Mexico to obtain and then frequently offered to others, including him.

Ibogaine is found in the African rainforest shrub known as Tabernanthe Iboga. “ It is unlicensed yet used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, ” according to a  2016 report   in the National Library associated with Medicine. “ However , reports of ibogaine’s toxicity are cause for concern. ”

Asked to respond to La Coste’s claims about ibogaine, Dobbins recognized that his client testified about the drug during the girl trial last year, and recognized that she tried to offer it to the young man the girl was hanging around.

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